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Blog: Studs and Sluts the double standard that isn't.

IlMentoreJan 28, 2018, 2:53:40 PM

Promiscuous men and promiscuous women are not treated the same. We all instinctively know there's a difference. But why? Men like sex yet we don't love girls who hand it out freely. Why?

Before you mention it yes monogamous straight marriages are a moral good because (on average) they produce the quality kids that the future needs. And yes we all heard the shitty lock jokes. But let's talk about this double standard and see if we can't explain this rationally.

I'll introduce you to the place I found this idea first. 

In assassins creed brotherhood Ezio kills a corrupt banker who was throwing a lavish orgy. This same man was also loaning out money enabling people to indulge their degenerate desires free form the need to earn them. As the banker dies, outraged that he was killed despite giving the people what they wanted, Ezio scolds him: Il piacere immeritato si consuma da sé (Pleasure unearned consumes itself).

This is one of the many hidden gems of wisdom in assassins creed. The idea is that pleasure is a reward from nature for good behavior, an evolutionary trick designed to keep the species alive. Nature wants you to eat, so food is tasty. Nature wants babies so sex is fun. Of course getting these things will probably require work which may not be as much fun. But nature hopes we will push on knowing our labor will be justly rewarded.

Remember the first things you bought with money you earned yourself? How good that felt? That's the way it should be. Balance!

But man thinks he's smart and tries to cheat the system. He does drugs to inject joy directly into his veins, he maxes out his credit cards, he votes for socialists and he steals! But there is always a price. Even if you don't end up in jail you won't gain experience, you won't learn anything and you'll become someone you don't want to be.

So what does all this have to do with sluts? EVERYTHING

When a man and a woman have sex there is an exchange of value. Regardless of whether the woman is open to blatantly selling her sexuality or not, there is a market for it. (unless she's hideous)

Even if she's not literally a whore she may expect you to "at least by her dinner first". And most men gladly do spend money on dates. (Gladly may be an overstatement but it beats beating of.)

The same earning potential doesn't exist for men or at least not to the same degree. So when a man is getting some he is actually profiting. The laws of supply and demand say her pussy is more valuable than his cock.

This is why sluts are held in contempt even as they are thoroughly enjoyed. Just like their true male equivalent, the sad soyboy who's buying some girl 6 dozen red roses on a first date at the most expensive restaurant in town. 

Giving away free value is pathetic, it's weak and it's corrupting and it robs the recipient of the motivation to earn.

That doesn't mean gifts are evil, but healthy human interactions are mutually beneficial in some way. The slut by demanding nothing in return, by neglecting to demand excellence of the men she invites into herself also neglects to "trade" for the wealth and love that will sustain her after her looks fade.

This will leave her bitter and alone and probably on welfare.

The men who enjoyed her might be fine or they might be losers depending on whether or not they still pursued some other difficult goal. Maybe they are now fucking that cunning cocktease who oohed and aaahed and giggled when he talked about his boring but profitable job. She's the wife now. She owns half his shit and she probably gets him to work hard and like it, simply by rewarding desired behavior with genuine gratitude, a smile, and some blowjobs. Kind of like she trained the dog. (Wow that sounds really wrong I meant it's similar to training with dog treats and saying good boy!I'm not suggesting blowing the dog!)

She is the secret foundation of civilization, she is his prize and his yoke. She gives him a reason, something to live for. Putting his resources to work for her kids (which are hopefully his as well) because he loves her and how she makes him feel like a man.

She is a trap from which he doesn't want to escape.