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A tribute to Cody Wilson, and open source software.

AwesomnonymousJan 27, 2018, 6:56:45 AM

"Your politics will inform what you think about our actions, but you may feel differently about the potential of powerful, free, and open-source software and intellectual property after you've read this book."      

Cyrus Farivar

This is the first of a few blog post dedicated to remembering our peers who have risked  it all with their acts of defiance and courage.  Support Cody Wilson and buy his book.  The story he tells is known to us all. Its in the details of the pages that the true nature of the beast he unleashed is revealed.  We can never go back, nor should we. 

No matter your opinion he has one thing perfectly right.  New manufacturing processes of all types are going through massive changes due to technology. Should those that control the means now be allowed to just take that from us? I think not.  Its a new era and we are ready to take what is there for the taking.