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What if Enlightenment is not Bullshit?

Akronos MagoJan 24, 2018, 7:32:58 AM

Many say humankind is about to make a major breakthrough. Some say spiritually.  Some say via technology. Others say biologically. Some believe all three.

What if we truly are about to go through a big evolutionary change? Either an awakening or reaching of a higher consciousness. Some say raising frequency and vibration to access a fourth dimension. Others say we are about to burst through new technology thresholds which will change everything on a technological level. The advancement in understanding of quantum physics and entanglement over the last few years has pushed humankind into a whole new technological era. On a biological level, our very DNA has been changing recently.

The technology side is exciting and a little scary. We have quantum computing which is changing the face of encryption and tapping into other dimensions to calculate faster. We have artificial intelligence which is marvelous… but also what has been the topic of countless SciFi films of computers taking over the world. Virtual reality is reaching new levels which will have an impact somewhere between opening up new worlds of entertainment and “alternative living” to potentially hamstringing the next generation to be more impotent in regards to actual socializing (imagine the millennials but 50 times worse).

For the technology side… it will be interesting to see what happens and there are plenty of information outlets. With the advent on fMRI, fNIRS, bodyhackers, transhumanists and grinders the technology may speed up enlightenment (or jumpstart an AI domination).

So what if the spiritual or biological change is really about to happen? What if it is not just bunk and bullshit?

Assuming that some people know about this upcoming spiritual ascension, enlightenment or massive evolutionary event, what would those people likely do?  For a moment, let’s assume that some have actually reached this “enlightened” state of spirituality that so many are talking about.  In which case these people could be probably be classified into one of the following categories:

  *  Total Denial
  *  Enlightened but Baffled
  *  True and Fearless Believers
  *  In the Closet

Total Denial

I have actually met a person that told me twice they felt their pineal gland activating and they immediately shut it down. Some do not want enlightenment, they do not want change, they just want everything to stay status quo. They cannot deny that something big is coming… but they want to postpone it for themselves as long as possible.

Enlightened but Baffled

There are some that my have had a spontaneous enlightenment.   I know one individual who did while staring at the full solar eclipse on August 21st, 2017. Now they know but they are not sure what to do with it.   Suddenly they feel like they cannot talk to anyone because nobody understands. They are uncertain what to do or who to talk to.

True and Fearless Believers

These people have seen the light (or light body) and want to share it with everyone. They feel it is their mission to spread the information and help as many people as possible reach enlightenment. Each does it in their own way and their sources for how they became enlightened or gifted with information ranges from solar eclipse, meditation, NDE (Near Death Experience), studying buddhism and/or hinduism, channelling, etc. However if you compare what they are saying you can hear they all have the same underlying messages. Their numbers are increasing exponentially and finding their information and teachings online is easy. 

Just to name a few: Drunvalo Melchizedek, Cedar Branches, Jim Carrey, Betinho Massaro, Qesankh Maa Kheperu, Ryan Cropper. There are many, many more. In fact someone wrote a book listing them.

In the Closet

These people have opened their eyes, felt the rush of spirituality, seen the big picture, understand the implications and fear the backlash of admitting they know. This may be the most interesting group. There is a small list of celebrities that have come out as awakened, but how many more rich, famous or powerful are enlightened but not admitting it yet? Remember not so long ago when many homosexuals were in the closet for fear of being ostracized? Imagine the fear a person in power, fame and rich must have now if they are suddenly enlightened? Jim Carrey came out and everyone thought he went from A-List actor to whack-job. It hasn’t killed his career but it certainly did not help it. Imagine the  enlightened gay person now in hollywood thinking “Damn… if I come out on both of these there is no way to handle that backlash!”

What if those in the closet decide they want to spread the information and either help people reach enlightenment or at least prepare them for the upcoming immense changes?   Note that enlightened people can usually recognize each other easily when in the same circles.   I expect these closet-case enlightened people would naturally start to fraternize and work together. Maybe they would find indirect ways to promote such as writing and producing movies. Have you noticed how many movies and television series recently focus on themes of:

  *   time travel
  *   humans gaining super-natural powers
  *   reality shifting (like Mandela Effects)
  *   apocalypse

Probably just a coincidence because most people are thinking about these things and producers will make whatever there is popular demand for. But there sure is a lot of them… and maybe it’s cosmic consciousness pushing it’s presence on us through those that are enlightened yet still in the closet.  Ponder that next time you watch some far-fetched movie.  Is it purely fiction for enjoyment to waste an hour?   Or is it a foreshadowing so those less-aware can be shown our near-future possible scenarios we should prepare for?