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Who is Occulting Information?

Luminous▼SovereignJan 21, 2018, 10:23:39 AM

It is important to recognize that the word "occult" simply means "hidden" and that there is MULTITUDES of knowledge actively being suppressed and this includes not only the wisdom of natural law, the power of our true potential, and the dialectical illusion being played out but also history and current events.Humanity has been (and is) being steered away from understanding certain information that would enable us to make better decisions in our personal lives and in the world around us.

There has always been a group of people who call themselves "illuminated" who have passed these secrets down through history to their most trusted inner circle initiates. Sometimes their children would inherit this wisdom by default. But as long as there has been rulers in the world, which equates with authoritarians today, this wisdom has been withheld from the masses. A huge priest class was set up hoarding this knowledge and rather than disseminating it freely, which would be the RIGHT thing to do, they used it as leverage against the rest of humanity to increase their personal wealth, power, and CONTROL. As a result, they turned the world into a big farm. 
This priest class has always used it's influence, power, psychology (sorcery), and mind control (black magic) to steer humanity away from discovering the truth. It's ironic how these people are very intelligent, yet can not comprehend that they are reaping what they have sown by being a victim to their own methods. Though these "dark occultists" have planned and schemed far into the future, they have planned for their own enslavement.  
Anthony Sutton, in his book "America's Secret Establishment" exposed the fact that the global elite came to the correct conclusion that to control and manipulate a society for their benefit, they need only control a certain aspect of society.

These are:

  • Education (how the future population will behave)
  • Money (the means of holding wealth & exchanging goods)
  • Law (authority to enforce the will of the State)
  • Politics (the direction of the State & economy)
  • History (what people believe happened in the past)
  • Psychology (means of controlling what people think)
  • Philanthropy (so that people admire & think well of the controllers)
  • Medicine (power over health, life, and death)
  • Media (what people know and learn about current events)
  • Continuity (the power to appoint who follows in your footsteps

What this amounts to is the infiltrating and controlling of the power centers of a society. By placing their own people in key positions they could come to control and dominate a society completely and steer it in any direction they choose.

Deceptions have always been taught through all the religions that this priest class set up, they took true concepts, described them allegorically, and then taught the literal translation, the exoteric meaning rather than the esoteric). These people are today the heads of the most powerful ruling elite that you never hear about on cable news channels. These people control everything, but remember this one thing... all the endless trivialities, reality shows, fake news, public schools, laws, codes, statutes, religions, even money are there and exist to further their idea of the world, not yours.. The LAST thing these elitists want is for you to wake up and discover the truth.

Their biggest fear is that you will come to find the truth and stop complying with their corrupt, out of balance system.  They will keep manipulating you and continue to indoctrinate you about what is "normal".


The most occulted/ hidden information they want to keep you from involves knowing who you truly are and what power you truly possess. If they can keep you convinced that some people are masters and have a moral obligation to issue commands and that some people are slaves and have the moral obligation to obey those commands then they have played the dialectic game perfectly. The belief in authority outside oneself is a complete and utter lie.
But the sad thing is that most people actually believe that statement above. 
What's even worse is supposed Christians who claim the only authority belongs to God and that only God's dictates are true and just, while actually buying into the whole "voting for a Master to rule society" game when their own Bible, which they do not fully comprehend AT ALL, explicitly states that you can not have two masters. This literally means that you can not hold two
contradictory beliefs at the same time.

Then the atheists are just as bad. The whole Universe is governed by law all the way through and they will acknowledge this "objective" Truth. But somehow when you get to Man, there's no natural law governing behavioral consequence. No, Man gets to decide what is Right and what is wrong.., what is True and what is not. They claim there is no objective truth and everything is "subjective". The belief in moral relativism IS a religion. It is the belief that Man is God. This is also cognitive dissonance to the tenth power!!


Conscience is the internal guiding system humanity is blessed with having. It is literally your compass to living in the Right. Police and Military side swipe their consciences by following orders from their masters. Police make all kinds of justifications and excuses as to why they follow through with immoral orders but there is no legitimate excuse. Justifications for burying the conscience are null and void. As it is the conscience itself that will direct us toward what is moral, right, justified, and true. The Ancient Mystery traditions considered the conscience the home dwelling of the Higher self. To sell your soul means to disobey your conscience.

The Spiritual realm and the physical realm exist simultaneously. Natural law is all about changing our current state of ignorance into another state of knowledge. It is transmuting that which is erroneous and making it Right. It's called the Law of Cause and Effect. 
The Law of Cause and Effect is omnipresent across all scales, both in the Macrocosm and the microcosm. So not only does it govern the whole Universe, it governs all the individual parts that comprise the whole as well. And guess what? We're one of the individual parts. We are not separate from nature, we are a part of it. 
The spiritual realm is the realm of causation and the physical realm is the realm of effects. If you don't like the effects you keep getting, you can only change them in the realm of causation. It's like if you want to kill a tree you have to strike at the root. The same principle applies here.

To get right with reason means that we can no longer afford to be an ignorant nation. We need to start paying attention and taking ACTION in the world to turn this system upside down. If we want to stop the corruption, we must stop complying. It's that simple.There are very powerful forces out there banking off of us while we're unwittingly goofing off at the club, or sitting around watching football. We can not afford to put our defenses down and TRUST this government. They are not there to benefit us, they are there to benefit their corporate fascist friends.

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