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What Is AMLT and What Does It Do?

mirofameJan 18, 2018, 2:18:11 AM

Studies show that the next big challenge is to be established methods, regulations and standards for Blockchain. AMLT operates in the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform that provides tools and procedures for safely recording of transactions regarding the cryptocurrencies and the respective market.

Because of the expected high demand in the blockchain based transactions, it is of great importance for AMLT to provide security, efficiency and transparency of the virtual currencies in a regulated and standardized environment.

Yet over 100 Billion USD market of digital currencies, validated by cryptography, has difficulties in accessing the traditional banking as well as in fulfilling regulatory bank requirements.

There are several key features to blockchain systems that make them unique and desirable: decentralization, consensus verification and transparency. Blockchain records are spread to all parties involved and they are updating the ledger independently. Each member has access to every new transaction and nothing can be added without the consensus confirmation. Thus, blockchain is transparent and resistant to fraud.

AMLT makes this real by offering a solution – applying AML/CTF compliance rules to ensure properly running the process. Both the partners and the clients should be protected from any potential risk. The virtual currency market is rapidly growing and it demands for legal and commercial solutions.

The era of virtual currencies is coming and business will realize its role very soon. We are witness to new participants on the market such as firms in the financial industry, hedge funds, professional service firms and payment processors that embrace the idea of blockchain beside the risk.

The main purpose of Coinfirm is to provide global innovative solutions to the business in the field of cryptocurrencies. Not only the weak points will be affected by this solution, but also the whole ecosystem will change in a more effective way. It is worth mentioning that by solving these issues, costs will be reduced, making mass adoption possible.

The Team

The team consist of 5 founders and 30 international experts in the field of blockchain. All of them have excellent knowledge and analytical and problem solving skills as well as professional attitude. They are highly motivated and their work is the evidence of that.


Mr. Kuskowski has extensive experience in entrepreneurship, financial institutions and anti-money-laundering. He is the president of the Compliance Association of Poland.


Mr. Aleksander is another remarkable person that is part of the team. He has long standing practical experience in fraud prevention and fraud investigation.

Other members of the team that deserve to be mentioned are: Jakub Fijolek (CTO, IT expert), Grant Blaisdell (CMO, a visionary business leader) and Maceij Ziolkowski (an author and lecturer in the field of virtual currencies).

There is also a carefully selected advisory team that opens new opportunities for the company: Julian Johnson (Strategic Advisor), Ruth Wandhofer (Regulatory Advisor) and Pawel Tomczuk (Strategy Advisor).


In today’s digital world, you cannot rely only on your official website. That is why AMLT by Coinfirm has built serious presence on the social media. They have 1615 followers on Facebook and 3809 followers on Twitter. Their 2:35-minute-clip on YouTube has 18467 views only for less than three months. They also have 23 pages on /bitcointalk.org/ forum, where answers are given to all the people’s question.


Coinfirm has established a partnerships with key partners and clients such as: Dash, RSK, BitMarket, SEI and others.


AMLT ICO Pre-Sale / Sale

On the following sale timeline are shown key dates when tokens are offered to the public. In the Pre-Sale stage a small amount of tokens are available, while the other ones will be available in the crowd-sale.

Website Overview

The very first impression, when you open the official website is the user-friendly interface. The design and the colors respond to the idea of the company too. The attributes are perfectly positioned in the upper side of the screen, but they do not function well on android devices. I am sure that it will be fixed soon.

Whitepaper Review

The white paper is a 55-page-document with detailed information regarding AMTL, its purpose and meaning. It has active content panel which helps a lot in order to find the necessary information quickly. It basically answers to all questions that could arise from all parties – partners, clients, users.


AMLT provides purchasing of services and reports from the Coinfirm AML/CTF Platform in a secure environment by fulfilling regulatory requirements for blockchain transactions.

The Coinfirm CIO, Pawel Aleksander states: ‘If Bitcoin is the petrol that makes the car run then AMLT is the motor oil that keeps blockchain assets running smoothly’. The real long-term value lies within the blockchain systems as a whole, regardless of the prices of the cryptocurrencies and AMLT is that fundamental feature that grants access to the Coinfirm Platform and their services in a secure and transparent way.

You can find out more here:

AMLT Official Website: https://amlt.coinfirm.io/

AMLT Whitepaper: https://amlt.coinfirm.io/pdf/white-paper.pdf 

AMLT’s lightpaper - https://amlt.coinfirm.io/pdf/light_paper.pdf

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