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Heating Your House w/Crypto Miners

HexagodJan 18, 2018, 2:10:19 AM

    I hear there's rumors on the #internets that minds.com will soon start offering a #cryptocurrency; so for those in colder climates, I've got an idea: why not heat your house with #crypto miners? 

    You have to heat your house anyway; might as well do it with the wattage consumed by mining machines.  All it would take is creating a valve system which would allow the user to divert flow that would normally come from a fossil fuel burning furnace into a forced air heating system already in place for the house.  Molded sheet metal and exhaust tape could be used for those who are more frugal.  For the more crafty and metalurgically inclined among us: we could fold sheet metal and then weld the seams to create a more airtight, code complying, induction system.  For the lazier among us, you could simply disperse them all around your house and cut off the furnace (lol).

    Wattage is, by definition: power expended as heat.  One can calculate the approximate wattage expended by multiplying the voltage on the positive or negative ends of their circuit by the amperage consumed by said circuit.  Essentially:

Wattage  = Voltage * Amperage

    You could check cost of your heating bill, or ask your natural gas/propane company how many BTUs you are currently using, on average, and convert the BTUs into wattage.


    From there, either build your own mining rigs based upon the amount of approximate wattage that you are using; or check the wattage on premade miners, and divide the number of watts that you need by the wattage of each unit you plan on buying.  This will give you an approximation of the number of units you would need to heat your house.  If it is a warmer day: you could turn one or two of them off, and simply would have a little bit less wattage being pumped into your home.

    A slightly more complex system could be built (by those who are apt to enjoy challenging projects) for houses with water heating systems.  For water heated homes, you could build, or buy prefabbed heat-sinks with heat pipes, and tie them directly to your water heater; then simply leave the pump running.  You would have to disable the fossil or wood fuel burning apparatus, so as to not overheat your miners, house and system. 

   In the summertime: you could build a system which would allow you to divert flow into the outside, and simply run your CPUs at lower voltages or underclock the processors.  You could also run less of them, as you don't want your miners overheating.

    Let me know what you think about this idea!  I might flesh it out a bit more eventually with some diagrams; but this will do for now. 



photo cred: crypto-news.com