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Global Franchise Opportunities

adsintheholeJan 17, 2018, 10:06:52 AM

What is the opportunity

Start a successful business selling sponsorship on golf courses, where high-net worth individuals will see them! We are also seeking Sales Team at a global scale (per country,per city).

High rewards in a great environment.

The potential to earn a six figure some from a clean,simple yet effective franchise.

Adsinthehole Franchisees procures advertisers who target or wish to target the golfing community.

Advertisers are then matched with golf courses that meet their geographic and demographic requirements. We then produce the advertising graphics and place them in the holes on golf courses nationwide or locally for a guaranteed period.

The system provides substantial rewards for our golf club partners, retention rates will be high and relationships with clubs and advertisers will be long term.

210 Impression per day /player/Round of 18 Holes and 180 Impression per day minimum/player/Putting Green

Fast ROI

Inquiries:[email protected]

New Website Launch Q1 2018

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