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SETHER – New way to connect

RoonyBlackJan 16, 2018, 9:52:16 PM

What is SETHER ?

Sether brings up new way to connect through the world with everyone who wants to be a part of the world called BLOCKCHAIN. Using SETHER can open up many opportunities to your company using a resort which wasn`t available before – Smart Contacts, apart from all social networks.

Through this new platform you can connect on a new level with your audience and do research on customer behavior. By using Sether you can make a profile of the client community that you`re targeted in. This profile is based on analyzed data from all over the social networks.


This team have more than 14 members but the main figures are Ovidiu Oancea (CEO), Flavius Burca (CTO) and Cristi Savescu (COO), and for advisor to this project the team choose John McAfee – founder of the software company McAfee Associates, company gathered success by deploying the first antivirus software. The company`s name is changed to Intel Security because of the transfer to Intel after the purchase in 2011.

Connected community.

This new product of the team provides variety of pluses to the community. This project gives discounts to existing clients and promotional offers to a specific audience by promoting the product through social networks.

Using Sether, allows companies to connect the targeted customer community on a new level with direct messages. Also allows to disseminate marketing campaigns. Connecting through social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Youtube provides the costumers marketing campaigns and development news.

The specific promotions brought by the companies are based on the social activities of company`s followers. Offering this to the clients is secured way to get the best benefits package based on the delivered options.

There is something specific that is must to be known about this network. That’s the thing here, there`s no way to be sure that both sides, the client and the popularizer, are going to keep their side of the bargain. Using this new tool - Smart contract, you could automatically pay 0,1 ETH only if they make the minimum of 40 posts, with a minimum of 70 characters, after doing that the both sides are going to get the benefit that they are paying for.


For the moment are drawn a bunch of key dates in the following year and expected benefits.

Initial Coin Offering.

The minimum investment in Pre-ICO is 0.1 ETH or BTC equivalent with a bonus of 40% .

The possible reached hard cap is 33 000 ETH.

Token allocation:

• 55% are up to be sold in the pre-ICO and ICO, based on the results from the public sale ;

• 35% are reserved by Sether to stimulate community, testers and targeted partners in the future. Tokens will be reduced in 7% per year, during the next 5 years to provide the project the support which is needed for full success.

• 10% are gonna be available directly on the platform.

Whitepaper review.

The team have big and very particular information how to use the project in your benefit and to connect to existing clients in easy way. The detailed information about the gathered data is reliable also because is secured by an established company. The provided expectations and data for the pre-ICO and ICO are more than enough to show that the team is secured with success and ready to show the clients transparency and loyalty.

What I like in this project?

• The team is young but with very different experience, gathered to make something different and easy to use.

• The team is already successful in many projects in different areas and partnerships with leaders through all over the world.

• SETHER is easy to use and full of opportunities to connect with every possible customer.

• With the best safety network provided by Intel also known as McAfee Associates, John McAfee`s company;

• The project is ready to deal with every expected problem and with the expected hard cap and the lack of any soft cap, is more than enough to show the future clients success and benefits for their companies.

In the end…

If you want to be someone important and successful in the marketing area, you can leverage SETHER and the benefits will be flowing every day.

Just click here for more information:

Sether Official Website: https://sether.io/

Sether Whitepaper: https://github.com/mware-solutions/icosite/raw/master/SETHER%20Whitepaper.pdf

My Bitcointalk.org profile: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1702358

My Bitcointalk.org username: RoonyBlack