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Our Natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its Implications to Society

ThomasMickJan 15, 2018, 10:06:03 PM

“Arms are an integral part of a free society; free men are armed, slaves are not. In an armed society, most people will never have to fire a weapon except to practice and remain proficient. Most ammunition would be expended into targets or wild game, not the body of another human being. Government wouldn’t dare attack the natural rights of the people since every council meeting or courtroom would be attended by armed spectators jealous of their rights. Members of Congress wouldn’t be passing or even supporting unconstitutional legislation against our natural rights if they had to face armed people at their next town hall meeting. In short, the freedom to exercise our rights, all of them, would be much more secure.” – Thomas Mick, Our Natural Right to Keep and Bear Arms and its Implications to Society, 2015.

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