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Are traps gay?

IlMentoreJan 14, 2018, 8:31:31 PM

This simple question is a meme and a joke. But it's also a sly funny way to discuss something very serious it's a way to address the conflict between trannies who desperately want to be seen as women, and perhaps loved as women, and on the other side straight men who are revolted by any hint of gay shit.

Let's look at some pictures

Ceci n'est pass une femme.

That's @MsBlaireWhite youtube famous deplorable tranny troll and one of the funniest people here on minds. If you saw this picture without a tranny warning would you be into it?

How about this one?

Ceci n'est pas un pierre

This isn't a girl either it's a rock. It's sculpted to look like a beautiful woman but it's a rock. If liking that picture of Blaire makes you a poofter then liking the second picture makes you a rockosexual. Liking the look of a beautiful women isn't gay. 

But traps are still gay.

Here's the deal. All brains start of female in the womb , the Y chromosome (if you have it) is supposed to upgrade that brain to male because someone has to do the math. Sometimes natures fucks up and you end up with a brain body mismatch. It's kind of like a hermaphrodite, stuck in the middle. 

You can call that a mental disorder and you wouldn't be wrong. You could also call it a wrong body disorder. It depends entirely which side you pick as a point of reference mind or body.

All that being said you just can't argue that trannies are 100% female. They just aren't. If you have a y chromosome you aren't 100% female even if you have the look and the mind and the hormones.

So let's be generous and say passable trannies are 90% female (the exact number doesn't matter for the argument as long as it's not 100%). That means fucking a passable tranny 10 times would be equivalent of fucking nine girls and one man. You just fucked a man. That pretty fucking GAAAY.  

I just proved traps are gay with math. (Y chromosome for the win)

Look I love Blaire (no homo) and I'm happy she's found a boyfriend who's bi enough to look past her unfortunate biology. And yes I call her by female pronouns. With all the work she's done as a culture warrior to protect us deplorables from the Gaystappo she's eared that courtesy. 

She is who she is. And she's pretty cool. She's not tricking anyone or forcing pronoun use. And since we're not muslim savages with a high roof there's nothing that can be done but accept her as a pal and fellow servant of the God Emperor and Malal KEK.

And we are who we are. We're men, we like women, and we don't feel comfortable with anything even remotely gay. It's that simple, if gay shit doesn't make you a little queasy I've got bad news for you.

We're here,

we're not queer

Get me a beer

Oh and here's that video of Blaire agreeing with me