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Robert Mann: Intellectually Dishonest College Professor

PeterEganJan 14, 2018, 4:24:09 AM

Robert Mann: Intellectually Dishonest Coward

By: @PeterEgan

Robert "Bob" Mann is a Political Science professor at Louisiana State University. While not directly related to the story, the fact that a university would hire someone as intellectually dishonest as Mann is a travesty in and of itself and the problem with higher education in America.

Robert Mann:  What a Punchable Face!

A year and a half or so ago he unleashed a vicious attack against my father in response to an editorial he had published in a pair of local Newspapers (The New Orleans Advocate and the Times Picayune, respectively).

This would be fine except for two major details.

He also published the same piece (plus a personal attack against me - a person who's never heard of him). He evidently stalked me on Facebook until he found a humorous post that if not shown in its entirety with context, was susceptible to portions of the post being quoted out-of-context for the purpose of intellectually dishonest character assassination.

Secondly, he deliberately misconstrued my father's words, quoting him out of context, twisting his words and putting words into my father's mouth, so to speak. My father's editorial was spot-on, 100% accurate, and is no less accurate because some snowflake college professor was offended.

Notice the Example: See "Robert Mann." Even the dictionary knows he's a coward...

He, like most liberal elitists, overestimated his own intellect. When I first published my response (I first came across his blog by chance while researching my own name). 

I immediately tweeted a link to the article along with the title @ his Twitter account. I asked him to either defend his remarks after I had logically dismantled everything he said or concede that he intentionally lied in an effort to besmirch two people who've never heard of him.

Sounds reasonable enough to me. If you disagree please explain in the comments why demanding he attempt to defend his remarks after they'd been shown to be fallacious or apologize to each of us individually.

Rather than defend his remarks and prove that he is the "smartest guy in the room" or apologize for lying and engaging in personal attacks with no merit to his arguments, he BLOCKED ME on Twitter.

Anyway, if you click the link it will bring you to the blog post which was my original response that I know he read. There was later a follow-up piece written in which an ultimatum was issued which he failed to meet.

That piece was entitled: Robert Mann Given One Final Chance to Defend His Defamatory Statements or Apologize for Knowingly Lying.

Now, I will write his legacy. Whenever someone searches his name using any major search engine, I will ensure that the results returned by the search engine will be what I deem the most relevant and authoritative content relative to that name. I've done it before with an ex-girlfriend's mother (Google "Jeanne Arlt"), and won't hesitate to fry a slightly bigger fish.

Before you think I'm overreacting and being spiteful, remember he had multiple opportunities spanning over six months to defend his comments or apologize and he failed to do either. He chose this fate.

Sushi Dog: My Now-Deceased Dog and Best Friend of 18 years.

The above photo is my now-deceased dog and best friend of 18 years. Mann stalked my Facebook page until he found a post involving this photo and a lighthearted joke about democrats. He twisted that joke into an attempt to pull the race card and label me a racist (the post wasn't even remotely racist).

Conduct such as this - the intellectual dishonesty - is unbecoming of a college professor. Particularly one at a state-funded university who "teaches" (indoctrinates) "political science." Political science is an oxymoron in itself as it has long been established that politics is an art as much as a science. It's one of the dark arts...

P.S. There's a reason his blog is called "The Truth, or Something Like It." It's because to Mann there is no meaningful difference between the truth and something like it (a falsehood, a lie). 

The ends justify the means. Saul Alinsky. American college professors.

Peter  Egan

About Peter Egan: Peter Egan is a man of many hats. Too many to list them all in an author bio. He has a full-time job in the hospice industry, and is also an entrepreneur (it's amazing what you can get done when you're single). 

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Peter has long been an outspoken critic of Marxism/Leninism in colleges and universities. Having attended 5 different institutions of higher learning, leftist totalitarianism is the norm on American college campuses. The lone exception of the five schools was a seminary college Peter briefly attended.