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Goat Guns AWM Sniper Replica

Gerry GeronimoJan 12, 2018, 11:53:39 PM

This is a review of the Goat Guns Accuracy International Arctic Warfare Magnum bolt action sniper rifle.

I really like the solid feel of this metal replica of the AWM Sniper Rifle. It is easy to assemble with the provided miniature screwdriver.  I thought there was a mistake in the assembly video and used two screws in the magazine well. I had to remove the second screw when I the bolt would not move forward and close.

The most difficult part of the assembly is the tripod.

The scope actually has front and rear optics which you can view through.

As with other Goat Guns replica, you're provided with 3 rounds which you can load into the magazine. You can view the top round when you open the bolt.

The AWM Sniper Rifle is a great addition to my collection of Goat Guns replicas.

They're also much cheaper to collect than real guns!

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