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Google Algorithm For ‘Fact Checking’ Fake News Almost Exclusively Targets Conservative Media

basil_hallwardJan 12, 2018, 6:04:27 PM

Fake News is everywhere

Some diligent digging by The Daily Caller (link below article) exposes the totally unsurprising information that Google’s new, much vaunted fact-checking algorithm, which displays "fact-check" reports next to allegedly disputed stories in search results (presumably for the benefit of stupid liberals and lefties who have a non functioning built-in-bullshit-detector and can't think for themselves,) almost exclusively identifies stories in conservative media. So  "Trump plans to go after Bezos for wrecking High Street," (which is trueish) will be censored while "Clinton funded researchers find evidence Trump is a shape shifting lizard from an alien race of wannabe galactic overlords" will get the thumbs up.

All in all it has been a lousy year so far for Google (and as it could not have happened to a more deserving bunch of corporate fascists, let's hope it continues;) information released as part of the preliminaries to the James Damore led class action lawsuit against his former employers for discriminating against conservatives has revealed an atmosphere of extreme progressive bias at the company, (how the hell else does anyone think google execs. were invited to sit in on Obama administration cabinet meetings in The White House?), and the political shaming and intimidation of conservatives and white males. Now there is evidence that the company’s hyper-partisan bias is trickling down into its product.

And let's not forget that the name of James Damore came to prominence when he exposed the hypocrisy in advertising their politically correct, egalitarian hiring policy when the technical and executive is heavily biased towards men. Damore cited scientific studies to show that men are better equipped for such jobs in spite of claims from the screeching feminist lobby to the contrary.

The latest setback for Google is far more than just an internal problem that leaked however, it shows that beyond being a bunch of fascistic hypocrites, the corporation now seek to manipulate the democratic process by controlling information in the style of the Big Brother regime in George Orwell's novel "1984". When you search for a conservative news site, for example, Breitbart, Google now shows you a list of topics that the site has focused on, as well as a tab for "reviewed claims." The 'reviews' are stories that have been  vetted by "fact-checkers" like Snopes (which has admitted their fact checking often consists of nothing more than Googling stuff,) and Politifact both of which have been exposed as sites run by supporters of the Democratic Party and of having shown political bias in their published results.

As is the case with  Google,  these so-called "impartial fact-checkers" claim to be unbiased, but have a history of partisanship (see link above). Snopes, for example, is staffed with rabid anti-Trumpers, while Politifact is funded by a Clinton Foundation donor and routinely comes to empirically dubious conclusions that invariably favor the Democratic Party.

Not all news sites have  this "reviewed claims" tab under their name, however. Some, those which lean to the left,  have "writes about," with no reviewed claims.

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