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I Have Failed

DiscipleOfEpictetusJan 9, 2018, 2:50:28 AM

Hello everyone. I apologize that it’s been so long since I’ve written something. Numerous things have gotten in the way, namely school, and a broken computer. But, I am back and here with this little message about my continued journey to bettering myself and becoming worthy of the title of disciple of Epictetus. So here it is and I hope that it will aid you in times of difficulty.


I have failed. Over and over I have failed. I have failed to limit my wrath. I have failed to restrain my lust. I have failed on many accounts and in many ways. I have degraded myself and worse yet, I have disregarded my beautiful angel of Tranquility for the sake of ambition and potential aggrandizement. To appease my sloth, gluttony, and my lack of self-worth. A sin of the highest order.

And yet, there is hope. For I am still here. I can still make corrections. I can still make myself into something better. A man of honor and dignity, who possesses an indomitable will. As long as I live, I can work towards my ends.

Through discipline, reason, and a dedication to correct my failings, empower my being, and cleanse my heart, I can do what I should and be all that I can. I can awake the inner God, cast out the wretched demons of my weak will, and place myself where I should be. In the arms of my beloved angel of Tranquility.

So I am not disheartened. Nay I am emboldened. Such a task is fitting for me and well within my capacity; indeed in the capacity of all. As Epictetus said, it is all a question of will. We decide what we shall do and be. So, to any who may read this I request you say the following to yourself:

“I have failed.”

Then recognize that this statement is not the end and thereafter move forward knowing it is within your power to be what you wish and set free your inner divinity.

Sincerely, DiscipleOfEpictetus