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No You Tube Day - The Project Continues

SkeptiKittyJan 2, 2018, 4:36:23 PM

No You Tube Day has been criticized as too small, too pointless, too futile - as if all it will ever be is a single day of too few people for anyone to notice not watching videos for one day. But in a short time, many people have contributed their own time, ideas and efforts.

If one person's one idea can go from a one off to a monthly event, there's an opportunity for growing the momentum and developing further strategies.


 Just want to thank everyone who has been participating and contributing to the message in support of freedom of speech. We are people of multiple political opinions coming together on a single issue while respecting everyone's rights to disagree on - well - pretty much anything else.

Our little project has been criticized for being too small, too pointless, too futile, as if all it will ever be is one day of not accessing You Tube by too few people for anyone to notice. But No You Tube Day has grown from one idea posted by one person on one platform, to something that has been taken up by many people, who have contributed their own time and ideas.

If one person posting one idea on one platform can get this many people acting to further that idea from one day to every month, we have the capactity to build the momentum and develop further strategies.