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Why I Love Minds.Com

PastorJuanDec 29, 2017, 1:04:59 AM

Like an alcoholic who hides his liquor here and there, so that others will not catch on that he is an alcoholic. I hid (and still hide) my face book activity under an assumed name created with a fake email address. Yes, I am embarrassed that I have a Facebook account, but there is a loved one with whom I can only keep in touch through that medium. Other than this, I tried Facebook once seriously. I setup up the account, requested “friendships” with all those I could find that I believed I knew, many of whom responded affirmatively, and I began the journey. I posted several topical blogs, uploaded pictures I believed others would find interesting, posted links to other valuable sites, and set out to inform the world. The reaction? Well, it was not that for which what I hoped. They responded to drama among other Face Bookers. They up voted the pictures of babies throwing up on themselves. They laughed at memes with stupid sayings. My intelligent postings and blogs seemed of no real interest. What a bummer, especially since I put so much effort into the attempt. I chose instead to close down the site and disregard Facebook (except for the occasional glance at my friend’s page through the fake site I still had.

Years went by, and I started my own blog, at my own website, with my own URL. Nevertheless, alas, I have not to date had the success for which I hoped. But, thanks be to God, I heard about Minds.Com from Stefan Molyneux (a Minds member). I dropped everything I was doing and headed there. I gingerly touched the keys as I entered my data and pressed the join button. I slowly realized I was falling in love. Okay, a bit dramatic, but I could see the possibilities. Sure, I saw some drawbacks, but since it was in Beta, I realized that I could grow with it. Immediately I came across option to invest real money into this venture, and a thought crossed my mind. What if I had invested in Facebook, way back when they were at this same point? So, I invested.

Like any investor, I immediately asked myself what I could do to help it succeed. I sent out emails to all (yes, ALL) my contacts encouraging them to sign up with Minds. However, alas, many responded that they did not see the difference between Minds and Facebook, except that Facebook already worked the way they needed it to work. Some, on the other hand, did join. And, darn it, that was before we would be able to get credit for them joining and I didn’t want them to quit and try to rejoin just so I would get the credit. Meh.

To help Minds grow and succeed, I upgraded to Plus. I bought tons of points (and will continue to do so), and I have also started helping newer people when I am able. I have explored the site quite well, and know my way around pretty well (and I am still looking). I have found many new “friends,” @Luculent, and @FatherGuido, are only two of the persons whose content I find interesting and valuable. I don’t always agree with their points of view, but then they don’t always agree with mine. I have found that “free speech” is valuable at Minds, but the “right” to abuse others verbally (even in written form) is not okay. I have learned how to block jerks who only want to misuse this great opportunity, as well as how to encourage others to continue sharing content with which I do not always agree.

At the time of this writing, I have 139 subscribers. I provide them with content geared mostly to the counseling community, but I occasionally dabble in politics and religion (I hate religion, but I love Jesus). I respond to their comments as soon as I am able, and will continue to provide timely content for their enjoyment and use.

I have noticed lately that we (Minds, that is, as I am an investor) that we are improving things. Some of the proposed changes excite me, some I do not understand (That is why I follow @Luculent closely), and some I have proposed.

Thank you

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