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#MindsGaming 2018 (Making the Jump)

MindsGaming Community Dec 27, 2017, 4:54:56 PM

Make the Jump to #MindsGaming this year. 

Starting this year all our community mashup content & personal gaming content will be available free on our community subnet, to unlock our content for free you just have to sign up! 

Content will br locked on Minds.com for a min of A.) 5,000 points or B.) $1 but will be hosted free on our subnet. We hope that this will bring in users to our community. 

We have releases coming soon! 

New years mash ups coming to subnet:

Best of GamerTube 2017 edition.

A day outdoors 2017 edition

A year in Memewars 2017 edition

The art of photography 2017 edition.

Joining our subnet helps support our community, you can also support us just by unlocking the post on Minds.