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The AFQ question: what should we do with the ANTIFA movement?

BobbyE24Jul 22, 2018, 1:15:59 AM

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZqK5xIMYq0 Since the antifa movement is now in Japan, after what they've done in Berkeley, Portland, Washington D.C., Paris, and Hamburg, after they've made it clear that they want to use terrorism to silence any right wing populists, conservatives, nationalists, and anyone including moderates to the right of Ellen Degeneres and Karl Marx; it's clear what we should all do about this movement that wants to see us submit while the leftist media, liberal hollywood, the silicon valley giants, and other leftists from all over the world who've devalued terms such as "nazi," "fascist," and "racist" to smear people like us and are therefore complicit in the rise of far left terror across the world. There is only one way to destroy the rise of far left terror for good before this plague spreads any further, and that is smash the reds. At this point it's not even so much about free speech anymore as it is now about survival, the survival of each of our country's identities, cultures, honor, and perhaps our way of life considering that even leftist SJWs like Shaun King, Dennis Riley, among possibly many of those who read and buy into garbage far left media outlets like Buzzfeed, Salon, and Occupy Democrats who don't care about, provide excuses for, normalize, and openly support far left/alt left terror groups like this whole ANTIFA movement and repeat such alt left rhetoric about "no nazis, no kkk, no fascist USA," "punch a nazi," and "bash the fash." 

I don't think the horseshoe theory needs to applied to this case, ever since Brexit happened, before and after Trump became the US president, and the growing rise of nationalism and right wing populism across western civilization, on top with the growing resentment towards globalism, it's been clear who the real fascists are in this case, you can tell by their very behavior, it's these far left extremists like these kooky SJWs who blindly support terrorist groups in the name of fighting "fascism" and promoting social justice and their ANTIFA buddies who are the real problem we're dealing with in our societies. ALL ANTIFA DEFENDERS AND APOLOGISTS DESERVE TO BE PUNCHED THEMSELVES FOR ACTING LIKE THE VERY SCUM THEY CLAIM TO BE FIGHTING AGAINST, and their antifa friends and the movement's supporters and members should be curb stomped to death in the streets or get in the choppers if they refuse to accept that people they're offended by having freedom of speech and other human rights that we've embraced since the enlightenment era. Because if you can't accept the fact that we all have inalienable rights that must be embraced like in the United States, for nobody to infringe whatsoever by anyone, including governments and corporations public and private alike, then you don't deserve to even live here on the same civilization we do, you belong in the uncivilized world where you will probably be thrown off a rooftop or whatever. If you don't accept other people's individual liberties and civil rights, then we can't afford to coexist with you, period. Here's a couple of reasons why  the entire ANTIFA cannot coexist with the rest of western society today. 

1) They've been the main ones inciting most of the political violence we're seeing recently. 

At almost every event they claim to protest against, they bring trouble. They have set fire to cars, destroyed property, terrorized innocent people and injured hundreds of police officers in Hamsburg in the name of protesting the G20 summit. They have violently shut down conservative speaker, Milo Yiannopoulos in Berkeley almost a year ago, while terrorizing hundreds of innocent people. In fact they were the main perpetrators of the political violence that happened during the battles of Berkeley. The ANTIFA movement have made things much worse in Charlottseville, Virginia during the Unite the Right Rally in August of 2017, where they threw blood and piss at not just white nationalists, but also police cars too. (https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/2017/08/12/protesters-draw-blood-toss-urine-virginia-white-supremacist-rally/561939001/

And yet leftist mainstream media outlets like CNN have endorsed and made excuses for them before, claiming that ANTIFA inciting political violence is okay because they only seek peace through violence (https://www.dailywire.com/news/19954/cnn-alters-headline-after-claiming-antifa-seeks-emily-zanotti). Even Don Lemon used the old "ANTIFA means anti-fascist, DERP!" argument (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOt55kqFZNM). Even other media outlets like AJ plus defend the vile movement by saying that most of them are non-violent, even though it's clear that the entire movement of ANTIFA is inherently violent (https://twitter.com/ajplus/status/898536730214547458?lang=en). It's pretty that the left wing mainstream press and even Wikipedia to some extent is covering up or defending violence by the far left  in the name of the anti-nationalist agenda (http://www.breitbart.com/tech/2017/08/31/editors-on-wikipedia-seek-to-downplay-violence-and-ideology-of-antifa-movement/). 

They may claim they know that ANTIFA is a terrible movement right now, but we shouldn't forget that they defended them before and they have to be punished very harshly for promoting and painting a worldwide terrorist movement in a positive light. My idea is to tax media outlets like CNN and other media outlets and journalists who go out of their way to defend ANTIFA and their associates by fifty five percent or sixty percent, so much that their employees are below the poverty line, along with charging individual journalists, activists, and other people for defending and supporting a terrorist movement with treason against the United States, going against the country's national interests and rooting for a terror organization that infringes the constitutional rights of others through terrorism. 

2) They can't have a civilized debate. 

As much as people want to have simple conservation or debate with ANTIFA members, a lot of militant, "self described" anti-fascists have made it almost impossible to have a public debate with any of them about the fate of the west. It's pretty clear that they don't believe in the free marketplace of ideas, so why debate them to begin with? Most of them act like spoiled little brats all because they didn't get their way during an election, and they're incredibly hostile to people who film them on camera and ask them basic questions like in this video by Hunter Avallone (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mtJ0Ja_2StQ&t=33s). They even attack people unprovoked (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MW2F46eqiKg). 

If a group of people want to beat you up or even kill you because you disagree with them or align anywhere to the right of Bernie Sanders, then its safe to say that a lot of them wouldn't want to debate or talk to anyone outside of their safe spaces, and cannot be reasoned with. They make free speech almost impossible as much as these crybully social justice warriors that are found on college campuses, on the internet, and from everywhere else do. So what's the point of debating them if they don't believe in free speech for their political opponents like us? 

3) ANTIFA is inherently violent 

From looking at the past actions of ANTIFA members, how they've incited a lot, perhaps now most of the political violence we're seeing right now, the rhetoric of antifa supporters like this professor who believe that violence is okay against people leftists disagree with in this interview by Tucker Carlson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHIKEHCXfjU), and from reading the official ANTIFA handbook and the interview of it's author (https://ctmirror.org/2017/08/18/author-of-antifa-handbook-defends-antifascist-violence/), it's very clear what the intent of ANTIFA members and supporters are, to shut down certain speech that they don't like through terrorism and so called "peaceful protests." Many US security agencies have designated the ANTIFA movement as domestic terrorists already (http://www.newsweek.com/are-antifa-terrorists-658396), because whenever they show up to an event, they only have one intent, and that is to send people to the hospital or the morgue. 

People, particularly people on the left, will give ANTIFA all sorts of excuses of how they haven't killed anyone and dindu nuffin. Well, if one of them is willing to kill a horse in the name of bashing the fash and social justice, then I'm pretty sure that all of them are willing to kill a human being too for their cause. (http://fox43.com/2017/06/12/demonstrator-attacks-police-horse-during-act-for-america-rally-in-harrisburg/). A group of people on /pol/ confirmed that a professor named Dwayne Dixon, a member of a far left group that describes itself as "anti-fascist" known as Redneck Revolt,  bragged about chasing James Field with a rifle, provoking him to run over many protesters, killing Heather Heyer in the process. (https://gab.ai/PNN/posts/18133885) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2aPCmuX1lo) Now don't get me wrong, what happened was horrific, and I'm not defending James for what he did either, but it only goes to show that both the far left ANTIFA terror groups and the violent Alt-Right demonstrators are to blame for the violence during the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

What is the solution? 

The answer to this ANTIFA problem is simple, we smash the anarcho-communist scum and wipe them off our streets. It's clear what kind of people they are, thugs, nothing but a bunch of basement-dwelling punks that weren't beaten enough by their parents when they were little kids, continuing to be punks when they become adults that shit our western values and the human rights of others in the name of "tolerance." So yes, we would be prosecuting and killing a lot of ANTIFA members and supporters, and we would have a very close eye on the media, particularly the left wing press as a whole, searching for any ANTIFA members and supporters within the fourth estate and on social media, to destroy a segment of the fifth column in western society that are attacking our way of life anyway they can, ANTIFA members and supporters. It's either the entire left wing mainstream press to condemn ANTIFA, or we would tax the shit out of them by taxing their revenue and raising the income tax of their employees, almost bringing them below the poverty line and making them go out of business.   

All of these antifa groups must either disband for their own good, or be treated as traitors to their countries and humanity, with law enforcement and possibily military forces going door to door to search and capture or kill any ANTIFA members or supporters of such a movement. And every time ANTIFA and any other group that's associated with them organizes a rally or protest, SWAT teams and military personnel must be on stand by, ready to disrupt an ANTIFA gathering at any moment if they incite violence or if any of the people make one wrong move. If they for once they go to that level, then SWAT teams and military personnel will swarm in to kill or arrest any rioter or thug dressed in black that's destroying private property or attacking innocent people on sight, arresting anyone that was with these thugs, and to hold anyone at the scene for questioning. Even armed, law abiding citizens can help law enforcement and soldiers take out the trash so to speak during civil unrest like what we've seen in Berkeley or Charlottesville. Remember, all of them are animals, they're pawns of the regressive leftists, the internationalists, the DNC, the RINOs within the GOP, and even the left wing, mainstream press. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-sHkLDStFA) James Allsup is right about ANTIFA and their friends, and backers.