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Cold Steel Leatherneck SF

Gerry GeronimoDec 23, 2017, 11:24:33 PM

I drew my son (Chris) for getting him a Christmas present. Recently Chris showed me a Bowie knife handed down from his grandfather which he recently lovingly restored. It has a handle made out of antler. Chris informed me that he planned on using it.

I immediately knew what to get him for Christmas and I got him a KA-BAR knife that he can use regularly instead of the Bowie. He really likes the brand.

When I went to the local Sportsman's Warehouse, I found the perfect KA-BAR knife for him. I also saw the Cold Steel Leatherneck SF knife which I decided to get for myself. This is a review of this knife.

The knife is 6 and 3/4" long with an overall length of 11 and 3/4" and a weight of 11.7 ounces. The blade is 5mm thick and it is German D2. The handle is 5" Kray-Ex. It comes with a Secure-Ex Sheath.

The SF stands for Semper-Fi.

The knife is very well balanced and it feels really good in the hand. I'm very happy that I purchased it. Will it be the first of many?

I plan on carrying and using it while hiking and camping.

It is only the second knife I've ever owned (the only other knife was a Swiss Army which I got from my parents for 13th birthday), and really the only "real" knife.

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