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Assisting Minds Developers in Building the Perfect Blogging Solution

LuculentDec 23, 2017, 3:31:13 AM

Minds, and in particular the very talented developers at Minds are reaching out to us, the end-users of Minds.com, to assist in building the absolute best blogging platform ever to be released - ever!

Minds development methodology is such that solutions are built by teams in 5 to 10 day increments (sprints). The core of the project is coded, then feature sets are implaced near the end of the sprint. ( see agile scrum)

All planning and details are worked out prior to each sprint. That said, the developers need to know exactly what features they are going to inject near the end of their project term. This is one area we, the end-user, can be very helpful with.

Minds does NOT want to release a partial blog solution, so it's important we come up with a full set of features and submit them to the development team for review, BEFORE they begin developing the next blog sprint. Remember, we want the BEST blogging solution out there!

If you have any experience with blogging, or have used the following sites: Word Press, Medium, Blogger, and Tumblr, please consider reporting any features you would like to see in the Minds Blogging App: 

Our efforts need to be somewhat organized so it can be presented as completely (detailed) and as briefly as possible to the devs. They wont have time to go through a bunch of posts and comments. I will personally see that all of our efforts are submitted as long as it's presented on the site in a reasonable way for me to keep track of (tag me: @Luculent).

Please make all of your submissions short enough to fit in a comment or a post, and a screenshot would be helpful too. You can submit your findings either as a comment on this blog post, or as a post to The Minds User Group.

Now, from knowledge given to me I can tell you for certain what will be developed in the next blog sprint:

1) Image sizing

2) Text wrap around resized images

I can also tell you for a fact we will NOT be having HTML or any other code editor in the new 'or improved' blogging platform; it poses a severe security vulnerability. If anyone can demonstrate how this can be done safely, please let John know; but I doubt it will happen.

If ANYBODY has the ability and the resources to help develop this project, you know whom to get in touch with already; please do so if you can.

That's it folks. the Minds devs are going to the table one last time with the intention of giving us the very best blogging platform that can be built - no holds barred. However, it's up to us to give them what they ask, because there will be no griping when this project is finished as far as the feature set is concerned. Don't worry though, you might have the opportunity to gripe over any bugs there might be after the project goes live. If I did not have some sort of gripe @ottman would surely think I was ill, or perhaps on my deathbed.

P.S. Please feel free to remind this as you see fit; lets give everybody a chance to put into their blogging app.

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