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THANK YOU MINDS! What a difference 4 months can make!!

MsCYPRAHDec 20, 2017, 3:53:41 PM

Gosh! To have 482 subscribers already and more than half a million views is simply breathtaking. I am obviously doing something right! :o)

When I  joined Minds earlier this year, for the first week I was not too impressed, because the images proudly on display did not do the site, its technology, or its staff commitment much justice. But 18 weeks on, and with some important changes in place, Minds is a joy to experience. This is a real blog of gratitude for a simply awesome, enjoyable time on this platform.

Over 18 weeks,....and counting!

Over those weeks I have learnt some very useful things:

1. You can be whomever you wish, and carve out your own niche. Minds members who like what you do, will flock to you, while those who are not keen will pass you by. And that's no bad thing.

2. I can control the kind of boosts I see in the boost settings which are more in line with the positive environment I prefer to encourage.

3. Being able to post images in comments is just superb, and brightens up the conversation a treat.

4. There are many keen members ready with their  help in the Support group, not to mention the care and comradeship they show each day.

5. The variety of information, art, and opinion is just mind boggling, making Minds a truly unique place to be! Long may it continue.

I am thrilled to be able to post content that attracts so many views and subscribers, as I really enjoy what I post, as well as the company I share. I have also been the fortunate recipient of over 200,000 points in appreciation in that time, and that is just hard to believe. 

THANK YOU all so much for making me feel welcome to Minds and supporting my channel in such amazing ways! Thanks for simply being there with your daily encouragement and support.

Onward to a million views now! :o)