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#BAUniC in 2017

In 2017, zero cost economy has helped the #BAUniC structure stand easily, but more importantly, developments on the social media front have aided spreading the word also. In this regards we are happy to see #BAUniC get comfortable into new online homes. Celebrating the growth and the setbacks too. Learning from setbacks, cheering the broken human links, and establishing new connections to fit their roles. #BAUniC is a work in progress (like all works), and as such, it has been working, functional. Interfaces of presentation, schemes, hunches, main and side projects being refined, enriched and solidified in the meanwhile.

Every step forward is a step closer to the #FUR #FractalUniverseRevolution, but we wish we could have reached prototype level on programs able to render a slice of our universe. We can say, as a civilization, we are rather close to it. For more, see the Amplitudohedron of Nima Arkani-Hamed and Jaroslav Trnka.

The Amplitudohedron is a mathematical object that contains a tree of all Feynman diagrams, all particle-force combinations for the physics multiverse as we know it. If the world at large saw what we can do with that kind of knowledge, and computers,,, if the proliferation of research on the base of reality gets to the viral stage, wow how fast everything will change. But even without reaching viral levels, a revolution in our physics understanding is a couple of click far if #FUR gets in the radar of the right people or organizations. This is the goal of #BAUniC.

Highlights of new homes of #BAUniC reached in 2017:

Minds.com, many articles and posts regarding #FUR and #BAUniC, searchable by hashtags, with ingrained boost and ability to reach eyeballs. Great for the content creator without the established audience, able to reach it through algorithmic distribution methods. And minds.com also has the proper minds to reach, less inclined to be politically correct and more inclined to be free, open source, and against social media establishment and political monopolies in a disguise of choice.

Ideathmatch.com, already soul-prepared for the multiverse, eager to push good ideas up within the site and elsewhere too, and enjoying the #FURkek as method of complot with the swarmies and promo for casual visitors. Memes interacting with each-other in a synthetic+organic substrate, great for the good ideas and logic, bad for dogmas and idiocy.

SecondLife, resetting home there and integrating it in roleplay storylines fitting the local narrative on the "Three Moons Valley", which, despite being Gorean in base, is GorEvolved, in a society open to aliens and supertech, thus able to receive the multiverse message with a more open mind than earthlings. There may even be a cult taking roots there, among tournaments, mercenaries, kanda, and other local adventures meant to aid the #FractalUniverseRevolution spread in that world and in all worlds.

Promotion of the open-minded research on the formula of the universe is more important for the current exposure level than research on A.I. This will continue, as is, and better.

Thank you all who are working towards the Singularity!


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