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Battle Specter Minds: Currency

BattleSpecterDec 18, 2017, 3:32:07 PM

Money. We can't get pretty much anything without it. You need it to buy food. You need it to buy housing. You need it to pay for the land you own (ie, pay the property tax). It's a necessary evil. I personally don't have anything against a standardized form of currency. I see the benefit to it, but I wonder some days just how worthless our nation's money really is. I don't think about it all the time, but I do wonder at times how the value of the dollar can remain so steady even when more of it is printed daily. I mean, it appears to me that the only thing giving currency value today is the belief that it will have value tomorrow. Call me nuts, but that seems a little short sighted.

So imagine my surprise when I was digging in my basement and found a $1 bill in a box of stuff from my dad dated 1935 that read "Silver Certificate" and not "Federal Reserve Note." They look nearly the same, but the Silver Certificate, at least back then, could be surrendered to the government for $1 worth of actual silver. This is a far cry from what you can get form the government for surrendering the current currency (which is a "Thank you."). Granted, there are a ton of dollars in circulation (upwards of four trillion dollars in printed currency) but that money in circulation is only a percentage of the money changing hands each year or the amount that this nation owes to it's citizens in the form of future entitlements and foreign governments in many forms.

Silver backed currency, with the outrageous debts that we have accrued, wouldn't work. Can't work. I don't think there is enough silver or gold to cover the expenses. I sometimes wonder if there is any gold in Fort Knox at all- and that is a problem. WIth nothing to back the dollar, where can we go? Digital currency could be one potential solution, but the fluctuating value of Bitcoin, and the oft overlooked reality that digital currencies have nothing to back them and, in fact, don't really exist, leaves us with a slight dilemma- how do we back what we spend?  If I were to take out a loan for a car, the car is the collateral for the loan, and adollar bill is nothing more than a loan- the country is loaning it's citizens currency to pay their debts or acquire new things. If that loan is ever called upon and collected- what's the collateral for it?

Some people surmise that WE are the collateral. That the people themselves are the backing of the currency of this nation. If you look at your birth certificate, it's really a bank note. No joke, take a look for yourself. It's printed on bank note paper. Why? If we're not the collateral for the currency of the our nation, why printour birth certificate on bank note paper? Maybe there is a good reason that I'm missing- and I truly hope there is- but issuing a person a serial number at birth does raise some concerns. It's something to ponder at the least. Hopefully, we're not being taken for fools.