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Feminism: Decay and Death

Sora RyuDec 15, 2017, 2:45:00 PM

Welcome people (this includes feminists)

I think it is time we address what appears to be the most common feminism arguments in recent years. I say most common because admit it feminist you don't know what you want, you slyly shift any blame to a different feminism group if anyone else calls out the behaviour as inappropriate.

1. Mansplaining - Have you noticed if men do something bad there is an entire term created with MAN/MEN/MALE in front of it and yet if women do something bad.......yeah I have nothing. Mansplaining is one such term and it is pathetic, to anyone else its call interjecting, arguing or interrupting but according to feminists its worse if done by men and why? Be....cause women can't stand up for themselves? Are women weak? Are women incapable of standing up for themselves?

2. Manspreading - Now this is one where I don't know whether to head desk, drink myself into a stupor or just piss myself laughing. Not only do feminists exaggerate (yes even the male betas) and say that men open their legs as wide as possible when they sit down but they also suggest men should close their legs. Biology says otherwise and if a man cannot even take a blow to the groin region without doubling over in agony how will applying the proverbial vice to ones crotch be any different.

3. "White bad" - Now everyone believe me when feminism started repeating the talking points of BLM I knew feminism was losing ways to stay alive and was leeching like a parasite of the nearest social scheme. So when we started hearing terms like "Diversity is our strength" only to see films like Black Panther NOT be called out for the lacking diversity it is whilst a simple historic film like Dunkirk be lamblasted gets accused openly then you know there is a failure in their logic. If there is a power structure setup and white people are higher up than say blacks then instead of just looking up the ladder and bitching to those who have spent the time climbing it how about looking at those who complain at being lower down on the ladder and seeing WHY because if a black person like Morgan Freeman (oh sorry Morgan I forgot you didn't want me to call you a black man instead to call you the equal term of a man) can say what we are all thinking and tell you that there are opportunities out there if you are willing to make the effort then your entire argument falls over

4. Transgender Rights - Yet another social movement that feminism has latched onto like the parasite it is. I remember whenever you challenge a feminist on what a feminist is and they immediately go to the dictionary definition and make their first mistake. Here is the Mirriam Webster definition

"organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests"

Well there is failure no.1 - the introduction of a single gender, not "all genders" or "both genders" just women's rights. So firstly where is mentioned anything about Trans rights or better yet they follow their own lies and say ALL GENDERS. Well the reason is because they don't care, a parasite doesn't care about the host as long as it is healthy and living it just thrives off of it.

Secondly what about all the men who become women or worse the women who become men, how is feminism helping them if their mantra is to help women. In the trans world you'd get the shaft anyway.

5. Gender Pay Gap - Now this links back to no. 3 because we hear this over and over and over again and personally when I hear those three words I can't help but wish something bad would happen to that speaker no matter if they are calling it out or supporting the narrative. No feminist (besides Christina Hoff Summers) will address any argument that questions this because when any question is brought back it cripples their foundation. Questions or statements like:

"If women are paid less for the same work why don't companies just hire women and save money?"

"If this has happened to you, you can legally take that company to court if you have proof"

"Is this really matching the same details as in time worked overall, same job, same negotiated salary etc?"

Until a feminist addresses this why should allow any feminist to keep chanting this mantra.

6. Rape culture - This one is used as a semantic argument when someone brings up either that men get raped too or that rape laws/definitions affect men. Then feminists used the semantic argument "Oh thats rape, we are talking about rape culture"

This is firstly a cop out because it is a way to avoid talking about the serious issues but also it implies that our culture is centered around the practice and celebration of rape which anyone that lives in said culture knows is beyond a lie. No man is happy to hear a rape occurred, quite the opposite. No man who is of sound mind/moral compass would endorse it and even when the mere accusation of rape occurs the public at large condemns the accused without evidence. If this isn't evidence that the culture isn't one of rape I don't know what is.

7. Rape itself - This ties in nicely and the youtuber known as Bearing said it best in the following video:

In short since evidence is required to condemn someone until said details are provided guilt/innocence cannot be determined and since (with the details in the video) only 2.25% rapes reported are convicted that means evidence was found against the rapist. Now here is where the feminist narrative collapses and that is when the claim of false rape is brought up they fall back to the defence

"Only 5% of rapes reported are false"

Well the funny thing is those are the ones categorically proven false and strangely that number is higher than the evidence of guilt so that leaves 92.75% in the ether and feminists use this as evidence of a large rape epidemic but again there is a problem with this, in western culture there is this nagging little issue and its called "Innocent until PROVEN guilty" meaning unless that 2.25% grows then until then the accused party gets the presumption of innocence and therefore shouldn't have their life ruined but linking back to my previous point a mere accusation can ruin a man's life and has been known to cause suicide.

8. Sexism still exists in the world - Now this is just another thing I dislike greatly mostly because feminists will use this as an argument as to why there is a need for feminism they always say

"Well sexism still exists in the world"

Yet when asked for evidence in the west they bring up these made up issues alongside things like women's rights in the middle east. To these feminists I say this, so when are you going to Yemen or Pakistan or Saudi Arabia to fight for this or are you going to complain from behind your top of the range laptop? They use the plight of women elsewhere to keep themselves going.

9. Catcalls/Sexual remarks/Sexual jokes - Now it appears that social interaction is dying as it is without feminists giving even more reason not to interact. When compliments on the street are considered fragile then I swear I don't know how they handle a buffet that contains food they don't like. This is like a vegan walking up to a carvery and when asked do they want meat to bitch complain and potentially slap the chef for providing it. If a female doesn't like to be called this then ignore it and move on. As for the sexual remarks and jokes men make well ladies please tell me YOU don't use equally eronious language when you are alone with your girlfriends. If you blatantly deny this I will call you out as a liar since media has for a very long time demeaned men and elevated women and you feminists have said NOTHING.