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Raffle #7: WIN 1000 points!

MsCYPRAHDec 15, 2017, 11:26:10 AM

For Subscribers only. This competition requires a number that YOU select for the answer. All you have to do is guess TWO numbers from a range given. Those will be your personal entries. If your number is very near to the answer you will win between 200 and 500 points, depending on the proximity!

It's free and easy, so have a go! :o)


A number has already been chosen between 5 and 650. Can you guess what it is?

Clue: There is no 7 in the number, and has at least 2 digits! The number has also been vaguely associated with bingo!

You have TWO guesses per entry.


1. The first person guessing the exact, or nearest, number to the selected number, wins the challenge.

2. The competiion closes on FRIDAY with the winner being announced on SATURDAY.

3. If no one has guessed correctly by then, or has a very close number to it, the points are rolled over to next Tuesday when they will be increased to 2000 points!

GOOD LUCK to all the entries! :o)