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No You Tube Day - Ongoing Project

SkeptiKittyDec 13, 2017, 4:59:54 PM

Hi All you groovy cats & kittens.  This blog is for reflections on the project that is No You Tube Day. NYTD started as an idea last August - Hey Kids, let's put on a consumer reaction to some unfortunate things that were inflicted upon Content Creators who post on You Tube, such as the adpocalypse following false smears of creators by Wall Street Journal claims that ads for innocuous products were being shown in conjunction with videos of "extremist" content, demonetization, and the creation of the supposed algorithm designed to seek out videos based on wrong-content to put into the YT penalty box (as it turns out the "algorithm" was basically a bunch of people hired to watch videos and rate them based on a checklist, with the bonus question: "Would you feel uncomfortable watching this video in public? " in case it didn't fit into any of the other neatly-defined categories of "no no").

Even with the problems, a lot of creators wanted to hang in and try to get YT to improve by basically going back to being the YT that we'd known for years - the one that sells itself as a delivery mechanism for videos one person makes to be seen by other people in remote locations. So the question was how to communicate support for creators and disapproval of YT HQ's recent decisions.

No You Tube Day expanded from an idea, a one day boycott to test whether people would be interested in joining in the sending of these messages, to a monthly gathering of people of varied political viewpoints sending a message of support to YT creators, and a message to YT execs that we don't want to live in the ideological bubble that is currently reducing the amount of oxygen available to reach their brains.

No You Tube Day - First Friday Every Month!