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The Six Great Revolutions That Freedom Made Possible

The Soul of the WestDec 12, 2017, 5:30:33 AM

1) The first revolution is the Industrial Revolution, which,  through the use of efficient factories, allowed for mankind to begin to obtain the necessities for life in quantity.

2) The second revolution was the Machine Revolution, which gradually transferred the weary burden of the most arduous work from human and animal muscle power to machine power. This began to make the necessities of life abundant and cheap.

3) The third great revolution is the Transportation Revolution, which gradually changed the world into a much more closely related community of nations.

4) Fourth, we developed the Communications Revolution, which changed the planet from a community of nations into a vast, global neighborhood with instant news coverage telling us what is happening to our neighbors all over the world.

5) The Fifth revolution we entered is the Energy Resource Revolution, with awesome underground lakes of oil and layers of fossil fuels. More recently we have harnessed nuclear energy, which in the long run, may turn out to be the safest, cheapest, and most abundant fuel of all, if we can successfully master it. Cheap energy will allow the human standard of living to make a gigantic leap all over the world.

6) The current revolution we know as the Computer Revolution, where tiny chips of programmed electronic circuitry are able to store knowledge and record prior commands so as to make machines "think" and "act".

All six of these magnificent advancements can continue to thrive only in a climate of freedom. Nations which have recently lost their freedom have immediately experienced a catastrophic collapse, as everyone of these which were gained by theses six great revolutions has virtually disappeared into an oblivion of misery and bare-subsistence survival.

Freedom is the key!