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Child Indoctrination

Alister SteinDec 11, 2017, 11:58:07 PM

Political indoctrination of children is something I've talked about in the past, but I came across a video on YouTube from a channel called "Pussy Scouts" that made me want to discuss it much further.

Yes, it's as bad as it sounds, and as surprising as it'd be to hear Milo Yiannopoulos say that he enjoys black cock, the video's more anti-Trump propaganda. If you wish to see the video for yourself, feel free to do so below, but of course, the talking points are nothing new.

In a nutshell, it's a group of little girls being coached to call Trump a sexist and a sexual predator for the infamous "grab 'em by the pussy" scandal, a racist for the supposed Muslim ban which isn't even a ban on Muslims in general and wanting to stop illegal immigration, and a Nazi because apparently neo-Nazis love him. We all know the consistent accusations are wrong, they're broken down and disproven with logic on a near-equally consistent basis, so let's focus on these children.

As I've said in the past, pushing children to parrot political talking points instead of allowing them to think for themselves is an aspect of totalitarianism. It's visible in more authoritarian religions like fundamentalism Islam, and even certain sects of Christianity.

Maybe it's just me, but these two videos look far too familiar.

Now, just picture the children in any of the videos I've linked, but imagine them singing praise for President Trump instead of the usual, repeated condemnation. Only at that point would these radical feminists of "Pussy Scouts" (who also run FCKH8, by the way) begin to understand the problem. It's bad enough that they're on the road to being indoctrinated by public schooling, but the real issue isn't so much that they're being taught the "wrong" politics. No, it's that they're clearly being molded by propagandists instead of being allowed to form their own opinions during maturity and think for themselves. How old are these children anyway? I'd guess maybe around eight years old.

I've also noticed people asking, "Where are the parents?" One would think parents wouldn't allow this sort of thing and that this propaganda is using their kids without their full understanding. This kind assumption would have to be incorrect. Unless the parents are also on set with these kids, which is possible, the parents are definitely encouraging this in some way.

I've tried digging around for some kind of contract needed to have permission to include someone's children on set.

Not an easy search, but considering the "Pussy Scouts" video is not only propaganda but a commercial as well, I think I have something insightful anyway. The webpage I'm linking is directed at parents who want to get their kids involved in acting. It's safe to say the same principles apply in advertising, where acting skills aren't as necessary. To sum the whole thing up, the page emphasizes in each point that parents have to be extremely active in getting their children in this stuff.

Plenty of other people tend to point out that these kids really have no understanding of what they're saying over these videos, and this is absolutely right. I'll link a few articles explaining mental development while growing up. So from the information there, it's pretty easy to argue that not even adolescents would have nuanced understanding of politics.

But I suppose to the parents and producers, child abuse is fine, if it's in the name of the sacred ideology.