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#MeToo: Feminism Accidentally Shoots Itself

CanadianKilljoyDec 11, 2017, 5:48:10 PM

I often consider it a terrible tragedy when an otherwise good idea is infected, and subsquently ruined, by radical intersectionalist politics. In addition to modest aims being loudly and shrilly pushed to their most insufferable extremes.

At first, I was somewhat enamored to the #metoo campaign that came out in reaction to Harvey Weinstein being exposed (no pun intended) to the rest of society as the allegedly pervasive abuser and sexual predator that, until recently, had been merely an open secret among circles in Hollywood. I understood that the "casting couch" element of show business was nothing new, nothing secret, and every bit as disgusting as anybody thinks it is. Hollywood producers, directors, actors, executives, et al, had been for decades abusing their positions of power to obtain sex and sexual dominance over young starlets trying to achieve their dreams in La La Land.

The result was that when #metoo first became a thing, it seemed to me like a rolling back of the curtain on all the insidious abuse and hypocrisy among ALL of the Hollywood elite. It was truly refreshing, and in many ways vindicating, to see that Hollywood was run by, and full of, shameless and complicit hypocrites that were actively participating in or acquiescing to generally everything that they publicly shamed others for doing. It was a joy to see for people like me that saw through the self-righeous, arrogant bullshit that celebrity elites had been peddling for a generation, and have the dirty laundry aired out in full view of everyone.

However, my glee had died shortly after.

No, not because actors whom I respected and admired were caught up in allegations of misconduct. Abuser is an abuser is an abuser. What has troubled me about the #metoo phenomenon, and what I feared about it, is that almost as quickly as it fired up, it was paired up with the "I Believe Survivors" radical feminist warcry and turned into an ideological weapon.

Now we are being expected to simply acknowlege every accusation made as truth. The tradition and wise practice of due process, of the presumption of innocence until guilt is proven with evidence, is being treated like some sort of form of patriarchal oppression of women.

Hell, I used to be friends with one intersectionalist who amazingly believed that due process is unnecessary because even if men are not guilty of act, they are guilty of thought. She believed that even if a man is innocent of that which he is being accused, all men are capable rapists and predators waiting for their chance, and thus should be legally and socially considered guilty anyway, because they're "male, and so part of patriarchy". Do these lunatics even understand how dangerous such a thing is taken to its most extreme form? Do they understand how ripe for abuse such a social norm would be? Do they not understand that in every totalitarian society that has ever existed, and in every literary work written about them, society is rife with radical individuals who use accusations of wrongthink against their personal enemies? Do they not understand how many scores of jilted ex-lovers who would foam at the mouth for the opportunity to, with one social media post with an accusation, utterly ruin the life of someone who did nothing wrong but dump them?

Back to the main point, when will individual liberals standing by this #metoo movement realize that their cause is being hijacked by hyper-partisan, ideological intersectional puritans who want to use it to seek not justice, but the political destruction of their ideological opponents? Even if they're willing to tolerate such noises from the social justice Left, it's going to eat their movement alive in the end, and destroy the thing they're trying to do. Actual sexual abusers and predators would come out of this largely undamaged in the future if genuine victims of sexual abuse are rendered ignored or incredible by the proliferation of politically/personally motivated false abuse claims. We need only to look at the Senate race currently in Alabama, where the wind has been taken out of the sails of the scandal against Roy Moore because of an allegation has been exposed as false. It's making the rest of the allegations against him less credible by association. Are the allegations true? The information I've seen so far suggests that they probably largely are, but one politically motivated false allegation has mostly crushed this scandal like an old cockroach.

Or, on the flip side, those of the more liberal, progressive bent are dead silent, even defensive of accused, when the accused are their ideological allies. I'm looking at you, Lena Dunham. I'm looking at you, Hillary Clinton and Hollywood celebs, being buddy buddy and deferential to the likes of Harvey Weinstein while you decried Trump.

The #metoo movement has gone completely awry. Hijacked by ideologues, used as a political weapon, and abused by the most unscrupulous and narcissistic of individuals in society. You have given the nuclear button to intersectionalist demagogues, the power to destroy with the click of a mouse. Abusers and rapists deserve to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and tossed in prison to be turned into a pet doggy by an oversize brute named Big Bubba.

We must teach our daughters, our sisters, our friends not to take to social media when they're assaulted, but instead immediately go to the authorities so that they can obtain real justice against those who hurt them. Social media justice does nothing. Worse, it empowers people wanting to use accusations as a weapon instead of as justice.

Once you commit wrongthink and that weapon is turned against you, don't say that you were not warned.