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Diversity and Equality, the Twin Globalist Poisons

thelogosNov 20, 2017, 6:02:27 AM

The ultimate irony: those so aggressively pushing diversity are forcing us into a headlong sprint towards a world completely devoid of it.

Those pushing us towards equality aren't seeking to produce it by genuinely uplifting the lower, but rather by destroying the lofty. . . all that is best and brightest within us.

Instead of a world of immense variety, different peoples, cultures, manners of thinking and being, each with their own unique archetypal spark, they're working at a breakneck speed to bring about a future in which we're all a singular undifferentiated brown mass. Speaking the same language, imbibing and parroting the same culture. Then again, the very term 'culture' would take on completely new meaning in this dystopian future, or cease to mean anything at all. Formerly it'd represented what was unique, special, different, about a given people in contrast to others. In this future, such differences simply won't exist.

Instead of a world with individual nations and states, each representing a different ethos and worldview, each pursuing it's own happiness, unique goals and ways of life, cultivating different societal structures and lifestyles, we'd instead have a single, forced, one-size-fits-all gov't and social structure, with no escape possible, for those who don't resonate with the mass.

Perhaps what's most terrifying is the prospect of nobody even falling into this renegade category. Perhaps with the same genetic background, the same 'culture' and language and manner of living, there'd simply be no more exceptional individuals. With the additional aid of technology, not only connecting us but using advanced algorithms to manipulate and mentally condition us into staying connected to the singular prevailing hive-mind, perhaps there'd be no dissent amongst these future beings.

The further down this path we travel, the more our music would sound alike, our writings would read alike, our entertainment would look alike, our manner of thinking and speaking would be alike. Those who step outside the bounds, again assuming this even occurred, would face ostracization not only from his social group, or his state or nation at large, but the entire world collectively. . . with nowhere to flee to, no safe harbor of like-minds to be found. . . just an endless sea of brown faces with similar facial features, body types, thoughts, dreams, aspirations. . . or, lack thereof. After all, without any vestiges of hierarchical sexual selection, all genetic differences would soon be ironed out in this completely random genetic lottery, by social compulsion if not by law. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else, at anything, in any capacity or context. . therefore, selecting a mate based on traits you deem healthy or attractive would be a great sin in itself, indicative of ignorance, backwardness.

With no variance in ability, or human condition, why strive, for anything, ever? If we're all precisely equal, your seeking to differentiate one's self in any way is pretentiousness, evil. Should you succeed, it's because you got lucky, or were carried on the backs of others. Every victory is dulled, hollow, distributed.

The inspirations that once drove us to great acts of exploration and discovery, courage or heroism, simply wouldn't exist anymore. There's no exceptional fair maiden to fight and die for, no nation or kin or to honor or protect, no ideology to champion. Our motive-force will have been destroyed, wings clipped and energy drained. Instant-gratification will be the name of the game, stringing together enough gratifying instants to try, at least for a moment, to pretend we're happy, healthy, fulfilled. We will be small creatures. . . always nervous, anxious, fearful, dependent. . . but taking solace in being part of a mass of humanity feeling the same. A series of crutches, leaning on one another for support. . . waiting, breathing, hoping for the best.

No more heroes, no more great men. No more great deeds. No more greatness. The connection with the divine severed irreparably. Even the concept of a supreme being will be impossible to comprehend, let alone resonate with in any way, let alone commune with. The great leveling will have occurred. No more mountains, only one bland never-ending valley, stretching as far as the eye can see.

The last flickers of a candle, as humanity dies out with a whimper, not a bang.

Diversity means infiltration, and culture destruction. Complete diversity means the snuffing out of all beautiful variety and diversity in the human species.  

Equality means the leveling of mankind, the destruction of all leaders, heroes, and any conception of great or exceptional men, and tyranny of the mob. 

Recognize these scourges for what they are. . . and for humanity's sake, fight them.