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How I Trolled Every Snowflake SJW at a Major University

PeterEganNov 14, 2017, 10:49:56 AM

Political Left Supports Rape as Long as Victim is Unarmed

By: Peter Egan

Gun Control vs. Women's Safety

Late in January of 2005, a female Tulane or Loyola student was raped, robbed or carjacked at gunpoint about once per week on average while walking home or to their cars from campus in the months leading up to my attempt at creating a solution.

I had noticed that Tulane had signs bordering its campus announcing that the university was a "Gun-Free Zone." This piqued my interest, as the one constant in all of the violence occurring against these young women was that the assailants had guns and the victims did not. It seemed logical that if the women were empowered to fight back with the same lethal force being used to threaten them into compliance, they wouldn't be raped, robbed or carjacked nearly as often.

Guns vs. Gun Control

So I did what I was able to do to call attention to the problem. I wrote an eloquent letter to the editor of the Tulane student newspaper, "The Hullabaloo," in which I stated that Tulane was endangering its students by disarming them, and that it should lift the campus gun ban effective immediately to students who had met all requirements for concealed carry. I went on to add that if I were one of those raped, robbed or carjacked at gunpoint, I'd be looking into holding Tulane financially liable for any trauma incurred since they put the victim in a disadvantaged position by disarming them, knowing they'll eventually have to leave campus, where people with guns had been lying in wait for their defenseless victims.

The Hullabaloo dedicated its entire op/ed page to scathing letters from triggered leftists 

A couple of things are noteworthy about this story. First, the paper dedicated an entire page to letters written in response to mine. They were the only letters published in the Feb. 04 2005 edition of the Tulane Hullabaloo. The editor of the paper had a class with me, and told me that my letter elicited more responses than she was aware of in the paper's history. The number I recall was somewhere in the 450's.  Of course, the overwhelming majority were unfit for print for the graphic language directed at me or other profanities that are unfit for print. Of the 450-something replies, all but a handful took the opposite stance from my own.

I took it as a badge of honor to have seriously pissed off that many leftists. If 450 replied, how many read without responding seething with rage on the inside? It's a good thing people didn't know my face from my name at Tulane, unlike the previous school I had attended where I was known by just about everyone. Being the best basketball and rugby player at a university with no football team will do that to a person.

Kira McAllister's Letter:

Another angry leftist who would rather a woman be raped than defend herself. This letter was written by Kira McAllister.

Anyway, below (and maybe above, I haven't added the images yet) are some screenshots of the page printed the day the headline read: "Re: Peter Egan Jr." They're the replies that made the cut. I did ridicule at least one and possibly two after the fact (in a flirtatious but facetious manner - at least with Kira).

The other lesson and perhaps the more important one to be learned from this experience is that the left would rather see a woman be raped at gunpoint than be empowered her to defend herself and resist her attacker with equal force.

More impeccable logic from someone who'd rather a woman be raped than defend herself.

Just one instance of a woman actually firing upon an assailant and I guarantee those style attacks would decrease dramatically in frequency. I admittedly have no statistics to cite and cannot back that statement up does not make it any less true. People can think for themselves and decide.

And that, my friend, is what the enemy fears most. Once logic overtakes emotion in the realm of politics, and it's but a matter of time before a case could be made that we're already seeing signs of it nationwide.

The response from a group of leftists established that on the left's hierarchy of priorities, gun control is always a more important priority than any play they can make regarding women's rights, safety, etc.

In summary

While not my intention, I essentially trolled every SJW student and professor at a major university, shattering the record for the student newspaper for replies to a letter. That brought me a lot of joy, especially because I was new at Tulane after transferring from a couple of other schools for varying reasons, so nobody knew my face to my name. I was pretty much anonymous on campus, so they didn't even know I was the one responsible for triggering them so badly.

What we learned was that leftists would rather a woman be violently raped at gunpoint (a gun is already involved in the scenario) than allow the woman the opportunity to arm herself and refuse to submit to sexually violent attacks. Essentially, leftists don't care if women are raped as long as the only gun involved belongs to the rapist. The woman owning a gun, much less using it to defend herself from sexual violence upsets them far more than dozens of women being raped in large part due to a campus-wide prohibition on firearms.

They believe this at a statistical rate near unanimity based on anecdotal evidence.

I did receive a couple of emails at my student email address (it was easy to figure out because emails were assigned by first initial followed by last name, and since my name was on the letter my student email address was easy to identify) that were supportive. They all asked me not to repeat that they'd written me to tell me they agree with me out of fear of retaliation from the school.

To this day, female students of the two universities located next door to one another are still victimized at a pretty high rate. I haven't kept track of the statistics, but I still see headlines these days that read just like they did when I tried to affect positive change.

What criminals see when they see the signs:

This is how rapists see signs on college campuses announcing that guns are not allowed on campus.

As for retaliation, I was dropped a few letter grades, but only one professor had the intellectual dishonesty to fail me. It was an advertising course, and the fact that I had a real job in advertising for a home health agency in New Orleans and he was an adjunct professor because he couldn't get one may have been a factor. 

The semester project was to design an ad campaign for a real non-profit (the Blood Center).  We were allowed to interview a representative of the Blood Center, asking about their current ad campaign, which they'd invested heavily into, hiring Aaron Neville to write and perform a jingle called "This is How Life Flows," and the ad was still performing at over 200% of the organization's projected return on investment.

So for my project, I made the case for not changing to a new campaign. My rationale was that if it ain't broke, don't fix it, and it ain't broke. Additionally, a lot of money was invested in hiring a famous musician to write and perform the song for the radio and TV commercials. My advice was to milk that ad until the blood donations dried up, making only minor tweaks if any; which is precisely what the organization did. That a real non-profit organization followed my advice from that project validated that I was not only correct in advising them, but the only student in the class who had enough business sense to identify and make an easy decision for anyone who is good at what they do and works in marketing or advertising.

It's also probably an example of why I had a job in advertising in my early 20's that was superior to that of a man in his early 50's who had to resort to teaching when he was laid off and couldn't land another job. The professor's name was Rick Reso. He was jealous of me all semester so it's entirely possible that his intellectually dishonest assessment of my final semester project was unrelated to the letter that set off the shitstorm.

One of the above letters was written by a female student named Kira McAllister. Her letter was so utterly ridiculous I couldn't resist having a little fun with her and emailing her. In her letter, she suggested pepper spray and/or walking in groups as a self-defense mechanism. She evidently doesn't know how guns and pepper spray work. What's worse, she declined my request that she escort me home from class. I even offered to hold her hand while we crossed the street.

Had she taken me up on it I might have rewarded her by giving her a large (baseball) bat-like object I carry with me at all times in my undergarments. I might have even slapped her with it and knocked some sense into her. Oh well, her loss...

Why it's Relevant Today

Maybe if Muslims invade America like they have Europe, it won't be nearly as bad a problem as some anticipate. After all, a plurality of registered voters belong to a political party that has no issue with young women being violently raped as long as she doesn't attempt to use a gun to defend herself. Perhaps we could just designate a state for Muslim immigrants and refugees (say California), and require moving to that state a condition of being a recipient of any government (taxpayer) benefits. That would attract the political left that doesn't already live there to move there, and would provide the Muslims all the young women they can gang-rape in a decade if raping non-stop, continuously without taking any breaks.

The left has been clear that they are ambivalent toward rape as long as the victim is not armed, which seems a perfect match for a demographic known for violently raping women in countries which they invade.

Of course, a vast majority of Muslims are not rapists. Every Muslim I know personally is at worst a decent person, and I'd venture to say good person in nearly every instance. Most moved to America because they wanted their wives and daughters to be treated like human beings instead of worthless possessions.

Regardless of whether any new Muslims in the U.S. here by immigration or as a refugee, those who do rape women would be a great cultural fit for the political left. The rapists like raping women. The left doesn't object to them doing so as long as their victims are unarmed. I honestly think if we could somehow assign both groups to the same geographical location, nothing but good could come from it.

Peter Egan is a public relations and marketing professional working in the healthcare industry in the New Orleans area. His Minds handle is Minds.com/PeterEgan. He also posts to a blog on Kinja: Peter Egan's Kinja Blog.

Peter has a YouTube channel in addition to the blogs where he discusses health and fishing-related topics.

Peter Egan