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When Male Feminists Abuse Women: Shh, Listen and Believe, Right?

Unquiet ContentionNov 12, 2017, 8:27:36 PM

Recently, many people who consider themselves feminists and fighters for women's rights have either had alligation levied against themselves, or have outright admitted to acts ranging from sexual abuse to improper exposure without consent.

Louis CK is one of the more recent examples, in which he was exposed for masturbating in front of five women. In recent years, Louis has gotten involved with the kinds of Hollywood SJWs that have influenced him, as well as the fact he has dated a feminist.

George Takei of Star Trek fame was accused of sexual assault during the 80s. His assault was more graphic, and has been verified, search elsewhere if you want to know more about this case. In his instance, his abuse was against another man but the point still stands.

Additionally, another so-called feminist ally has come out, he being Ben Affleck has also been accused of sexual harassment.

And to conclude on the celebrity side of things, there's Harvey Weinstein, who created films with 'strong female leads' in order to promote a feminist message. Needless to say the amount of people accusing him of sexual assault is through the roof.

Now let's get onto the anti-gamergaters and general feminists who were self-admitted feminists.

Matt Hickery, an anti-gamergater has been charged with three counts of sexual assault.

Michael Hafford was accused of physically assaulting three women whom he used to work with. He was a self-admitted feminist.

Rupert Myers, another columnist was accused of sexual assault and fired from GQ magazine.

All of these men and many more have all been accused, or have been convicted of sexual assault and all of them, according to their own dogma, must therefore be misogynists, and must be against women.

It is clear to me that in almost all of these cases, feminism was used as a guise in order to enter the realm of trust with gay men or with women, and then abuse said trust to their own ends.

Needless to say it's disgusting to abuse your position of authority in order to get what you want and sexual abuse is something truly a cancer on society.

But allow me to reiterate the point one last time, all of these men acted using the tool of rights activism, and each and every one of them abused their given positions of authority and fame in order to abuse others.

These are, for many of these cases, just alligation, but according to their own dogmatic viewpoint, we must by default believe they are guilty.

Food for thought.

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