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adsintheholeNov 12, 2017, 4:20:10 PM

Some fact before Launch of our site

According to the Arizona Report , on the golf course the golf players see the brand at least 3-6 times per hole. Consider how many times you personally check the cup hole each time you are making a putt. Since you can see the golf cup from a close distance and each time when you turn around and look for the line and each time you check your alignment, so the impressions are in reality over 100 000 000 per year. Each impression counts as each time a golfer views the advertiser’s advertisement in the golf cup. this would be traceable online (CPM) but in the physical world we track impressions by taking into account how many golf players come throughout the golf course each day and how many golf members the course has and add the average amount of puts golfers take to make the ball into the hole

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