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The Right Colour Scheme For Your Kitchen: Dark Colors

arpingajjarNov 12, 2017, 7:36:00 AM

Modular kitchens without a glorifying color scheme to hold their hands would only great from a functional point of view. And while functioning properly is unarguably its main role, one would also need it to add a good amount of aesthetic value to the household. Therefore, choosing a color scheme that represents your sense of style, and the general theme of your home.

Here, we have chosen to discuss some of the dark colors that are perfect for kitchens, for one can never argue on a vast range of choice that this palette offers!


Blue is a color that means different things to different people. For one, a room painted in blue could seem too uninviting; on the other hand, the cool undertones of blue could feel tranquil and calm to another. And especially with regards to the modular kitchens in the home, we would be aiming for the latter. For the calming effect, first off, try not to get dark blue. It’s too much in the face and doesn’t really have much to do with tranquility, per se. Instead, think in terms of pale blue. More so, if you have your kitchen facing the South, pale blue would lend you a hand in making space look larger. You can have high gloss finish for your pale blue kitchen to have an effortlessly sleek kitchen design in hand. Including soft and neutral furnishings like tablecloth and curtains, would further help you enhance the homely ambiance of the kitchen space.


Instead of looking at grey like so many people do - depressing and dreary - look at it as elegant and sleek. Because when used in modular kitchens, grey almost never disappoints. Whether you choose for light or dark undertones, including grey in your kitchen color scheme would only give the space a more sophisticated and rich look and feel.


It’s really good to see that most people have come beyond the thought of associating this color with mourning. Because when it comes to creating a space that exudes a refined kind of style, it has got to be Black. If you’re planning to install a lot of lighting in your kitchen space and ready to include a lot of light or neutral colors for the contrasting effect, you’re going to love having black in your kitchen color scheme. Modular kitchens that boast of black, can come off as a bit serious if not done properly. Therefore, you can LED lighting in your kitchen, or have some bold color splashed creatively across your main kitchen wall, and so on. A large kitchen would look more than just perfect; it would be the hot favorite of everyone in the house as well as the guests to socialize with each other.


Red is a color associated with danger. And dangerous it would be to use this color without putting in much thought. Because red comes with a lot of tones in the market, simply saying that you’d be going for red just won’t cut the deal. You’ll need to have more information about it to make the right decision. If yours is a small kitchen, introduce bold red with warmer undertones with as much caution as you can muster; though bold red would make you think twice, even if it’s a large kitchen that you possess. Maybe, use this color for accent or as feature pieces in the color scheme to add the right amount of raw energy into space. Combined with more neutral colors such as white, red would create an atmosphere of luxury; with black, on the other hand, the kitchen’s ambiance would have a little exotic feel to it. Dark red modular kitchens look rich, but with a little overdoing, they could turn dramatic for the worse. With red being as much a color of intimacy, as of caution, you would be doing a great job by building yourself a well-planned and well-designed red kitchen.


Purple seems like an unlikely choice for modular kitchens at the outset, but at closer inspection, you’ll see the charm of this color. Instead of going for light shades, we would advise you to not shy away from rich and dark purple. Take advantage of purple’s long-lived associations with everything that’s royal, and grand, and everything that spells passion. You would love a dark purple kitchen with an elegant grey flooring, against a regal white decor, and lavish glass accents. Your kitchen would, without a doubt, be a sight to behold!

With a variety of color schemes here, which color or color combination do you think your kitchen should go for?