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Yes Mental Health Is A Scam

StopSterilisingTheAccusedMentallyIllOct 28, 2017, 8:36:18 PM

If you have ever wondered, yes you are right. Mental health is an absolute scam. Where does the lie start and where does it end? The lie stretches over the bloody entrails of many. Spanning not decades before... but centuries. So where do you begin to dismantle the spit shining fossil fraud of psychiatry?

It used to be called eugenics, or mental hygiene, even Alienists. So if you've ever wondered or suspected if you were taken away from your community or singled out and targeted because you were different. Your instinct was exactly right. Your mentally unhygienic. In the eyes of these pseudoscientist parasite PHD's.

Now I am not saying they are not 'nice' people or exquisitely deluded themselves. But there is not a shred of evidence reframing your experiences in to a relatable alien is valid. Or the simple fact of interfering with it always makes your life worse. Your business makes theirs better. But all of their phoney treatments leaves you or your loved one coming out looking like the castaway dimension crawling out of a waterfall of shit.

Whilst fulfilling a need to 'get rid of' 'sort out' or 'silence' for the family or other members of the community. It's so called 'treatments' throughout the ages are equally as bullshit or harmful.

Electric Shocking Brain 'Therapy'  (to induce brain seizures)

'Soma Pills' from 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley - Brother Eugenics Society

It's no wonder then these controlling globalists have taken a marriage made in common then with the UN, The World Health Organization, The DSM (Diagnostic and say made up words manual), The World Federation For Mental Health, The Tavistock and the Eugenics Society. 


This is the year to say no to BS. No psychiatrist you have no science. Only injured bodies, entrails and stolen lives. 

Shame on your Fraud.


By Daryl Brown


Sterilising the mentally ill


and The Everyday Psychvictims Project