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Antidepressants save millions of lives... Really, who told you that?

StopSterilisingTheAccusedMentallyIllOct 28, 2017, 2:07:44 PM

In the top of every news article, or a TV advert with an uncanny resemblance to your safely seductive doctor, you might notice The Associated Press universal stamp when its about 'antidepressants', negative or positive. "Antidepressants saves millions of lives and is an invaluable drug that is safe and effective for most people that take it", or some ballony like that.

Glaxosmithkline and Pfizer never miss out on an opportunity to capitalize out of death. But if you take 'antidepressants' and become emotionally unstable or irrational and take your life (or somebody elses) it won't get reported to an adverse effect report agency by your psychopathic caring prescribewhore. But if you read the insert leaflet that (after lawsuits) reads causes homicidal and suicidal behaviour. Then god damn they do. And they are.

So what does the evidence say? What is evidence?

Prescriptions of antidepressants has gone up by 9million in 1991 to 64million in 2016 (UK)

The highest cause of death for men under 50s is suicide (UK)  office for national statistics

Hits a 15 year high office for national statistics

Well really there is none, it's just a marketing scheme, that quite literally kills. Just like smoking.

And if you don't die, your 60% likely to becomed with Sexual Dysfunction. That's great for mating.

by Daryl Brown


Sterilising the mentally ill