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The Post Modern Thought Police

basil_hallwardOct 18, 2017, 8:14:52 PM

This is the twenty first century. Words are considered so dangerous that in our cities, schools and collages "safe spaces" have had to be established to protect people from them.

Essential reading for all those people engaged in the battle to save free speech and libety:

ANTIFA: Self-Appointed Radical Revolutionaries or Neoliberal Thought Police?

Diana Johnstone 21st Century Wire

Here's a taster:


In recent weeks, a totally disoriented left has been widely exhorted to unify around a masked vanguard calling itself Antifa, for anti-fascist. Hooded and dressed in black, Antifa is essentially a variation of the Black Bloc, familiar for introducing violence into peaceful demonstrations in many countries. Imported from Europe, the label Antifa sounds more political. It also serves the purpose of stigmatizing those it attacks as “fascists”.

Despite its imported European name, Antifa is basically just another example of America’s steady descent into violence.

Historical Pretensions

Antifa first came to prominence from its role in reversing Berkeley’s proud “free speech” tradition by preventing right wing personalities from speaking there. But its moment of glory was its clash with rightwingers in Charlottesville on August 12, largely because Trump commented that there were “good people on both sides”. With exuberant Schadenfreude, commentators grabbed the opportunity to condemn the despised President for his “moral equivalence”, thereby bestowing a moral blessing on Antifa.

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