Questionnaire- An Easy and Convenient Survey Device

surveyhuman Jul 13 2017

A questionnaire is a research tool comprising a list of questions in order to gather knowledge and information from respondents. The main motive of questionnaires is to collect the maximum amount of data from the respondents through fewer questions. 

Designing a research questionnaire can be advantageous above any other type of survey technique as they are cheap and require less effort. They have standardized answers for the simple compilation of data. They are often designed for statistical analysis of the reports. 

Benefits of Using a Questionnaire

• Speedy Results: Questionnaires are online market research Australia instruments that give easy and prompt results. You can get the analysis reports even within 24 hours depending upon the reach and scale of the questionnaire. 

• Standardization: The responses from the respondents are collected in a standardized way. They enable the objective gathering of data and information, eliminating any bias.

•  Practicality: Questionnaires are flexible and practical. They can be managed in a number   of ways and can also be targeted to any group. They provide a way of collecting large amounts of information on different subjects. 

•  Easy and convenient: Being quantitative in nature, survey questionnaires enable easy assessment of results. Results can be analysed without scientific researches or a statistics   background.

• Anonymity: Online questionnaires enable the respondents to maintain their anonymity. They allow complete invisibility which enables the respondents to answer comfortably. This invisibility encourages the respondents to answer easily and truthfully.

Types of Questionnaires:

Structured Questionnaires: It is a quantitative method of online market research Australia which requires the researchers’ less involvement and number of respondents. 

Unstructured Questionnaires: Unstructured questionnaires generally feature open questions that provide more valid data as the respondents are enabled to answer in their own words.

Open-Ended Questionnaires: These are unrestricted questionnaires that require a free response from the respondents in their own words.

Close-Ended Questionnaires: These types of questionnaires require short and check responses from the respondents. These questionnaires restrict the options of responses for the respondents.  

Mixed Questionnaires: These contain both open-ended and close-ended questions. This is particularly useful for social researches.

Pictorial Questionnaires: These questionnaires use pictures to influence the responses of the respondents. These are used for social attitudes studies and the prejudgment in illiterate persons or children. 

Measures To Consider While Designing a Questionnaire

While designing a research questionnaire you must state the interview technique, the information required, and the matter of each question. The respondents’ reluctance to answer must be overcome. Arrange the questions properly and determine the structure and phrasing of the questions. Determine the layout of the questionnaire and conduct a pre-test before finalizing the questionnaire.  

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