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Exactly how Cannabis Kills Cancer

How exactly does cannabis kill such a wide variety of cancer? Well, there are many mechanisms of action, considering the scope and density of our endocannabinoid systems.


One important and specific way this occurs, called an apoptotic pathway, has to do with the relationship between cancer and cannabinoids. Cancer cells have receptors on the surface of their membranes that receive certain cannabinoids, like THC. When these receptors are activated by a cannabinoid, it causes the cancer cell to produce a chemical called ceramide. The buildup of this chemical shuts down the mitochondria of the cancer cell. It actively inhibits many of cancer's pro-survival pathways by stressing the cell's nucleus, disrupting calcium metabolism, disabling the cancer cell's digestive system, etc. The cancer cell membrane then ruptures and it dies; it should be noted that cannabinoids protect, nourish, and proliferate healthy cells while destroying cancer cells.


So there you have it, an explanation down to the cellular biochemical level about how cannabis RSO with a potent cannabinoid profile, when used at the appropriate doses and decarboxylated, leaves cancer with no possibility of survival.


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