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North Korea: Problem, Solution and Silly Walk.

basil_hallwardSep 7, 2017, 3:52:50 PM

North Korean Military re - enacts Monty Python Ministry Of Silly Walks Sketch (source)

#NorthKorea #war #politics #NATOIn my recent post, "Here's What The Media Is Not Telling You About North Korea," I posted on how mainstream media in the developed world has misrepresented that strange, secretive and distant country. In response someone asked me on Facebook, "This is all fear, can you post solutions mate?In order to suggest solutions we need to understand the problem. I had not tried to understand Noth Korea until recently, like most people I confined myself to making cheap jokes about Fat Boy Kim and his silly haircuts.So I tried to inform myself, and the only possible solution to suggest itself that does not involve war requires all of us to act. The only quick solution is for the NATO nations to distance themselves from USA, the real pariah but that's not going to happen is it? Time we faced the truth, we are allied with a nation that is set on a course for global war, the Washington hawks have neutralised Trump as they neutralised Obama and NONE of the other western leaders are willing to stand up to them. If it's solutions you want, get in touch with Putin and Xi, who have been conducting a more subtle kind of warfare in response to America's belligerence.

In the past few days I've heard a former UK diplomat who worked in the far east, and a far east correspondent say mainstream media misrepresents N. Korea. They are not as backward as they are portrayed. The problem starts from sixty - five years ago. Because  no armistice or peace treaty between N K and S K has ever been signed, technically the two nations are still at war, and the USA and South Korea, (and latterly Japan) insist on holding massive military exercises a few miles from the border. Obviously North Korea do not like this and the Chinese do not like American troops near their border. On top of that, throughout the Bush Jnr. and Obama eras, the USA has been taking liberties in the South China Sea.

There's bound to be a pushback at some time, and North Korea does not do anything without China knowing about it first.   Then you have the situation in Europe culminating in the Ukraine fiasco. Not only was the USA behind the Ukraine regime change, they, with the EU, have repeatedly violated a 1991 treaty made with Russia at the break up of the Soviet Union which contained an undertaking that in return for Russia granting full independence to former Soviet states or Warsaw Pact nations, neither NATO nor the EU would try to recruit them.   Now Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia are all EU nations and the EU and NATO have tried to draw Ukraine in. And having tolerated all the other violations, the Russians have now said "enough."


So that should clarify where the problem is coming from, and it ain't North Korea. The Washington Branch of the World Domination Society and their mini - me Israel know the global economic model is on the verge of failure, only war and the massive readjustment that would follow war can save it. Problem there is that while the US military / industrial complex have been distracted by efforts to weaponsise weather, weaponise disease and weaponise software, the Russians and Chinese have been working on ideas not stolen from Sci - Fi novels. Western victory in any major conflict is not assured.


Solution? We in the west need to overthow the ruling elites. But you shouldn't need me to tell you that. Jesus said, "There are two kinds of people, sheep and goats - I'm here for the sheep." Jesus was a wuss. Napoleon Bonaparte said, "There are two kind of soldiers, shep and goats, sheep have to be driven but goats can be led. I'm only interested in the goats."   Bonaparte was right, we need to mobilise the goats.