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Syria's President Assad Makes A Fool Of US Reporter Michael Isikoff In Interview

basil_hallwardSep 4, 2017, 7:21:18 PM


I have bigger hands than Trump," says Syria's Assad (image source: lefuturistedailynews)


The ISIS uprising in Syria was, according to the official narrative, one of the spontaneous revolutions kicked off by a speech Barack Obama made in Cairo in which he stupidly pledged America would support any extremist group that tried to effect regime change. Like most of Obama's actions it was badly thought out, full of catchy but vacuous phrases, and promised a course of action Obama could not fulfill. With the exception of Tunisia, all the so called Arab Spring revolutions have failed, Egypt is once more a military dictatorship, Libya is a lawless failed state, and uprisings in Bahrain and Dubai were quickly crushed. And in Syria the war still goes on, though the Assad government still holds power and now has the upper hand it appears.

The most remarkable feature of the war in Syria to people in the west perhaps has been the routine publishing and broadcasting of fake news, fabricated outrages to manipulate emotions and fraudulent reports of what ISIS are and how they came to exist. And we should not forget the spinning of yarns about Obama's beloved moderate rebels, who were in fact the same groups that had encouraged their torturing, raping, head amputating, human organ noshing fighters to post videos on atrocities on Facebook. It is now widely understood that US and UK media have lost what little credibility they had left because of their one sided reporting of NATO propaganda. Several incidents that were splashed across mainstream news later turned out to be false flag operations. It was revealed by new media using far eastern and Arab sources that far from fighting the ISIS terrorists, the US and NATO contingents had been arming them, (Donald Trump recently signed an executive order to end this program,) and Obama even stated in public (though it was not splashed across mainstream media, that his priority in Syria had always been to depose Assad rather than to defeat ISIS and Al Nusra.

For three years the US led coalition spent as much time bombing Assad's troops and Kurdish irregulars, (who were in fact the most successful force opposing ISIS on the ground,) while carefully striking only peripheral ISIS positions and avoiding the main strongholds. It looked like continuing that way indefinitely until Vladimir Putin grew bored with Obama's childish ineptitude and decided to intervene. With Russian air support and elite ground troops provided by Iran, the Assad regime soon had the terrorists on the run. You may recall that Putin had faced down two threats by Obama to launch an invasion and remove the Assad government and Russian warships stationed in the east Mediterranean had thwarted Pentagon plans to attack Assad's positions with ship launched missiles.

Since the defeat of the ISIS insurgents in East Aleppo in December 2016, western corporate media have continued to demonize the Syrian regime, in one instance reporting an alleged attack on civilians with Sarin gas. Aside from the pointlessness of such an act when the Assad government was in sight of victory, the news coverage showed aid workers clad in T shirts, shorts and open sandals handling casualties with their bare hands. Sarin is so toxic that in any area where it has been released it would be necessary to wear full hazmat suits with gas masks. More recently it has been revealed narratives, all of which have since collapsed after most western and Gulf-backed terrorists have fled their strongholds – while leaving evidence of NATO involvement in the bid to topple the legitimate government behind.

A prime example of US propaganda presented as news reporting, an interview in which Yahoo! News reporter Michael Isikoff tries to interview President Assad but gets bogged down in misrepresentations and Washington eyewash, as he poses a series of well worn questions in an attempt to defame and demonize the Syrian President.


As interviews go, this is one of the biggest train wrecks in media history. Watch: