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German Election: Will Another Term For Merkel destroy German Economy?

basil_hallwardSep 2, 2017, 3:21:43 PM
Merkel unpopular - source truthfeed
Angela Merkel's open doors immigration policy has made her unpopular with some sections of German voters. Image source: truthfeed.com


According to the latest round of opinion polling ahead of the German elections, Angela Merkel looks set to become the joint longest-serving modern German chancellor, that’s despite having been accused of "putting problems on the back burner, and staved off several attempts to indict her on treason charges for her role in the immigrant crisis. Business organisations have also raised doubts about the economic consequences of re-electing her, warning that her new term may bring “stagnation” for Germany.


With less than a month to go until federal parliamentary elections, Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) party and its main coalition partner, the CSU (which confines its activities to Bravaria, are leading the polls by a wide margin ahead of the Social Democrats, according to the latest surveys conducted by German public broadcasters. This means Merkel has a looks likely to secure a fourth term as German chancellor, after she was reelected CDU leader at the party’s 2016 congress and announced her bid for the chancellorship in November of this year. The continued backing of the CSU may not be a foregone conclusion however, Bravarian cities have been particularly hard hit by immmigrant violence, lawlessness and sectarianism.


If the Hausfra Volksfuhrer does succeed in the polls and serves a full term, she would become one of the longest-ruling German leaders in the country’s entire history. The current chancellor would equal the tenure of former leader Helmut Kohl, who stayed in office for 16 years and outmatched the “Father” of the Federal Republic of Germany, Konrad Adenauer, whose tenure stretched over 14 years.

Foreign commentators wonder at Merkel’s political longevity but German lawyer Maximilian Krah, a former CDU politician, says that her long time in office is simply a result of placing all possible alternatives out of reach. "German democracy has become highly dysfunctional under Merkel's government... so you have a politician who kicks out everyone who's capable of replacing her," he commented. "There are literally no alternatives left.

Harold Amann, a spokesperson for the Bavarian Party, recently told RT that Merkel was "very skillful in discovering and eliminating every potential rival."

"A lot of the members in the big, established parties have joined them mainly as a career-option not because of their political opinion. After a long way to the top these people tend to be careerists and yes-men. They avoid risks and don’t challenge the party leadership," he said.

And the problems run deeper.

Since the media in Germany is apparently not rushing to challenge the views and narrative of Merkel’s government, former CDU member and current member of anti - immigration party AfD , Doris Von Sayn-Wittgenstein, told a press conference that people in Germany are not being told the truth about the scale of the migrant crisis and would re-think their support of Merkel otherwise.

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