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The REAL enemy

RealNewsAug 30, 2017, 10:22:03 PM

In this blog I will try to explain who it is that the sane people should turn their wrath onto. Many people disregard this as "conspiracy theories" or "fake news", but this is, as best as I can convey, the truth about the enemy that humanity itself is facing.


The "Controller-Elites"

The people I call controller-elites are easily defined. Some call them "globalists", some believe they are all the public figures of secret societies, but in the end whatever their name or affiliation, they are out to be the ultimate dictators, which means no less than unlimited power for an unlimited time. In the quest for this objective, they continue down with the same strategies dictators, kings and conquers had in the past: From divide-and-conquer to bread and circuses, only with a spin due to modern technology and society, they follow the same path in a mad power grab frenzy.

While they come from different backgrounds, they all have two common identifiers. The first is no less than absolute contempt for the common people, the peasants, the underlings, but the desperate attempt to keep this hidden. With the same smile of a child molester trying to lure a kid into his creeper van, they lie to the public and pose as heroes of the people. The only differences are the scale of lies and the fact that they don't shout "Free candy!" but "Free healthcare!".

The second sign is in entirely in their actions. All they do and advocate for, even though in most cases they will lie and downright invert the results of their actions, is designed to suppress the common people, force them into suffering and misery, as well as to increase the severity.


The different groups

The most common controller-elite member is a politician. In our modern "democrazy" almost all are in the club, and in most nations all but the fringe, demonized parties are controlled at the highest level. This way, they have subverted the reason for democracy: If you can only chose from a bad pool of options what is the real difference to not having a choice at all? The controller-elites have managed deceive the people into electing whoever lied the best into office. It is sad to say that in most nations, there is no opposition to fight the power of the political controller-elites.

However, the bigger players aren't in politics (or at the very least not as their main job), but in large companies and banks, or generally rich. The most important ones are Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, Goldman Sachs, but the list of cause does not end here. The board of directors in each of these is full of controller-elites. They use their wealth and power to further their agenda, and a lot of the money goes to the troublemakers like "Anti"Fa, BAMN, BLM, but also ISIS and various groups all around the world that are charged with either targeted assault onto a nations political leadership (if it is not yet under control) or generally inciting chaos, race war, gender war and forcing political correctness.

The highest level, or so I suspect aren't visible in public at all. It would be all but foolish to assume that all of the players are out in the open, it's more likely that the highest level controller-elites are pulling the strings behind the scenes. This is where the secret societies come into play. People may talk about Illuminati or Freemasons as well as various others groups, but in the end it is not important. Christians will, and as time progresses it sounds more and more realistic, tell you that the devil himself is behind it all. I do not think that we can simply find out who they are and where they live in order to put them in front of a court for their crimes, but should their public figures fail, they will be forced to either suspend their actions or come out in the open.


The goals

The ultimate objectives of the controller-elites are:

  • "Ascension" away from humanity in all aspects of life as well as the human body itself.

  • Holding infinite power for unlimited time over whatever is left of the lower class.

Some of the short- and mid-term activities are:

  • Inciting race, gender and traditional war in order to divide-and-conquer the people that would otherwise fight against the controller-elites. I have previously made a blog about this (here). This gives them other objectives and distracts the common people into thinking the enemy isn't the puppeteer, it is his puppets. This is why they have created the violent communists we call "Anti"Fa, terrorists like ISIS, race supremacists like BLM, put the North Korean dictator family into power and many other deeds that would originally legitimize them to be shot on sight.

  • Acquiring all control of all nations, be it through political subversion as done with the Ukraine, or military means. The latest example here is the "Arabic Spring", which has turned into the "Arabic Ice age".

  • Dumbing down the population, making them more docile and easier to control. This has been done via politically correct education, toxifying the water, overloading the human body with harmful chemicals, bringing in an unlimited supply of non-integrating, culturally backwards population into advanced societies, and many other means.

  • Breaking up the bonds of people to isolate every individual from every other individual. This includes the controlled demolition of marriage and parenthood, dissolving national borders and nationalism, as well as the concept of local control. Instead, people are to only see a huge one-world government and its members as ultimate, unchallengeable rulers.

  • Breaking up the links of people to nature, survival instinct and "common sense", which not only includes separating normal human activities as far as possible from the real world, but also first encouraging and then forcing alteration of the human body by genetic and bio-mechanical means. This is generally referred to as "transhumanism".

  • Silencing all voices of dissent through censorship (just look at YouTube and its new shadow-ban methods), violence ("Anti"Fa"/BLM riots) and propaganda (MSM).

  • Controlling all institutions, religions and organizations, then using them to put out more stimuli towards other goals.

All these methods and strategies only serve the one, true reason:

Having the no less than full devil worshiping frenzy of screwing over humanity itself over and over again for eternity.



The ones opposing the controller-elites face two major problems: The immense power and wealth of the controller-elites and the fact that many people either do not see this danger at all, or believe that it can't possibly be this bad. While all but a minority believe that politicians are corrupt, most think that they aren't organized in this way, but simply out to get the most money. If this where true, I'd not bother to publish any kind of paper but simply stay at home, playing computer games all day & night. However, the reality is that if humanity itself does not stand up against this threat, truly apocalyptic times will come. Not simply in the form of natural disasters, but the worst tyranny that this planet has ever seen due to the technological progress and the amount of people living at the same time.

People have to realize that submission is not an option when the enemy will destroy you regardless. And even joining them will not yield any advantages, as once they are done with the average human, they will turn onto themselves. I have made an analysis of their behavior in a previous blog (here), and the result is clear: They are like cannibals: Once the original "food source" is depleted, they will turn on themselves in a second. It is a historic time: Every person on earth will be forced to make a decision sooner or later: Fight or submit. And depending on if enough people chose to fight, we will bring down this global tyrannical, satanistic endeavor.

Once they have been brought down, we will be able to do all the things the controller-elites promise: Life extension, curing of illnesses, colonization of other planets, (relative) prosperity for all. The fact that these very things aren't to be trusted does not lie with the technology itself, but, returning to an earlier analogy, with the fact that you don't take candy from the guy with the creeper van. The controller-elites use technology and all the Utopian fantasies to lure people towards supporting them, but they will hijack all good ambition and turn it into another instrument of their control. This is why the welfare state, genetic/bio-mechanical modification, "smart" technology (cars, phones, homes, etc) and many other plans and technologies are to be taken with utmost caution: You can bet that if the creeper gives you candy, it's bad news no matter how it tastes. Once humanity as a collective passes this test, we can have all that. But before that, we have to defeat the gatekeepers.