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Hurricane Harvey - the big question

basil_hallwardAug 30, 2017, 4:19:01 PM

#climate #texas #hurricaneHurricane Harvey is an entirely new extreme  weather event according to some very clever people who are not impressed by the Warmageddonist lobby claims that the Texas disaster is a consequence of global warming / climate change / whatever they're calling it this week.  Reports of its formation begin on Aug. 16th and was a tropical storm that was following the course of Hurricane Gert.

Harvey remained a tropical storm  until it hit the coast of Mexico where, according to a report I read, Wet Surface Water Vapor generators (no I don't know what it means either,) were able to intensely magnify and direct the massive Hurricane into the Gulf.

What I do know is that what happened next is unprecedented. No recorded hurricanes have ever increased in strength when they made landfall, they quickly weaken and blow themselves out. Harvey has been sitting over the Texas / Louisiana coast for days. And apparently somebody knew enough to enable mainstream media to warn after the first hit, "There's worse to come."

Could it be possible to create and control a hurricane? Nikola Tesla thought so over a century ago. The video below shines a lot of light on what has been going on. It is not only the U.S. government that has been experimenting with weaponising weather, Russiam, China, Iran and the European Union have been involved

.The first man-made natural disaster took place in Britain in 1952. And the truth about that did not emerge until fifty years later when, under UK laws, certain documents were de classified.It would be foolish to suggest there is any proof that anything untoward went on, but when, in the wake of bizarre occurrences there are holes in the official narrative big enough to drive a million ton supertanker through, it is our duty to ask the questions.