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War On Cash: You Will Not Be Able To Buy A Car Or Gadget From Your Friend.

basil_hallwardAug 27, 2017, 7:20:35 PM

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war on cash - freedom world-news
Image Source: freedomworldnews

A geopolitical move by the globalist control freaks that began as a seemingly innocuous hypothetical discussion several years ago now appears to have become a deep state / corporate policy backed by a propaganda campaign involving some of the most powerful commercial and government agencies in the industrialized world. Throughout this omnibus web page we have called it the War on Cash. Like the War on Terror, the War on Cancer or the War on Drugs,, it is an abstract concept the true agenda of which is sinister and opaque. If we are foolish enough to swallow the propaganda now being pumped out for complete elimination of cash in favor of pure digital digital money that exists only on the data storage devices of banks' data storage systems, we can kiss our remaining independence and privacy goodbye. It's George Orwell’s 1984 on steroids.

Let's be clear about this. We are not talking about crypto currencies or block-chain trading systems. We are not talking about private payment systems such as China’s WeChat. We are not suggesting the world should abandon electronic financial trasfer systems such as credit and debit cars, wire - transfers, online banking or doing business with online retailers. These are an entirely new kind of monster the war on cash cash hopes to create. They are private services, not a product of collaboration between corporate business and the state.

What we are discussing is a conspiracy (a real conspiracy, not a theory,) by the central banks and select governments of the developed world, the International Monetary Fund and the World bank to force people to give up holding cash or using it to pay for purchases. Instead we would be forced to use digital bank credits. The difference, slight though it may at first seem, is huge. As in India following the US-inspired war on cash waged by the corrupt government of Prime Minister Modi late in 2016, citizens would forever lose their personal freedom to decide how to pay, or their privacy in terms of money. If I want to buy a car and pay cash to avoid bank interest charges, I cannot. My bank will limit the amount of digital money I can withdraw on any given day. If I want to stay in a nice hotel to celebrate a special day, or visit a massage parlour of the dodgier kind, and pay cash for reasons of privacy, not possible. But this is just the surface.

Think about it, if an algorithm is set to impose a limit on how much you can spend on booze because of some nutty politician believing what scientists say, what happents when you want to invite friends round for a drink. And then of course there is the question of surveillance and how the information your small (formerly) cash purchases generate can help organisations that don't have your best interests at heart to manipulate your behaviour.

Use cash for small purchases, your lunchtime sandwich, a round of drinks at the pub, buying a magazine or book, to pay the cab driver, but most importantly KEEP SOME CASH IN YOUR POCKET. IF WE DON'T USE IT, WE'LL LOSE IT.