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Danu rejoices at America's sudden and unexpected rejection of Gaia

kpr37Jul 4, 2018, 11:54:44 AM

Making people uncomfortable, forcing them to look at things differently than they would sometimes prefer, is Philosophy (paganism) The search for the divine, the Logos. Religion is reading the internal organs, and entrails of slaughtered animals. (Global warming is a religion) They are both very messy in action and deed.

U.S. submits formal notice of withdrawal from Paris climate pact


As a pagan, I know James Lovelock and Lynn Margulis were the high priest and priestess of the modern Gaia theory, that is only a poor man's reworking of Plato's Timaeus for the twenty-first century.


No, I'm not kidding that is likely the source of where the modern global warming hypostasis originated.

Perhaps the fifth century Platonist philosopher Proclus would be pleased to learn that after fifteen hundred years, the Gaia hypothesis is still with us and that philosophers today wrestle, as Proclus did, with competing orders of explanation for natural phenomena, ranging from the highly suspect teleology to respectable emergence. No doubt he would be surprised to find the hypothesis, which in its strongest modern formulation posits that living systems on earth actively create conditions favorable to themselves, called 'new'. Volume III of Proclus' Commentary on Plato's Timaeus, Proclus on the World's Body, might well be taken as a precursor of Lovelock's work.[1] In it, Proclus, while commenting on Timaeus 31a-34a8, works through the meaning of natural philosophy, attempting to address the ecology of the earth's living systems within a plurality of intellectual viewpoints, from Aristotelian science to Neoplatonist metaphysics. Dirk Baltzly, the editor and translator, does a fine job of explaining this material, which ranges from the elementary to the abstruse, to the reader unacquainted with Greek science and mathematics.


I believe it was Al Gore who first said to the American budding pagan congregation.


Hi, I'm the prophet of the Goddess Gaia, My name is chicken little. I hate to inform you the sky is falling, and the earth is in fact warming at an alarming rate Oh my, Oh my.... From on high, I command unto you in my goddess name, that thee in an accelerated, expeditious manner sacrifice willingly any means of industrial production, warm houses, air conditioning , individual transportation, private refrigeration, solo showers and baths, red meat, and your children's future economic well being at the earth's altar in supplication of me (Gaia) It's only when we are all cold, hungry, and sitting in the dark that the goddess can truly be known or appreciated. What gifts the divine can reward the believer with. Surely gaia loves her children and only wants what is best.

If thee do not heed the words of the Divine Goddess she will burn your little planet to ashes. Woe is thee who ignores the wise words of the holiest Apostle the Goreical. Let's just hope the goddess is satisfied with material sacrifice. She has demanded much more in the past. But don't worry, I'm sure she has mellowed with age. So many were consumed with the dangers of Christianity in America, they never saw us pagans coming. Secularism my ass. It says separation between "church" and state. It says nothing about sacrificing the future of America at the altar of the Goddess Gaia. She is the earth, she is the nation, she is the firmament that we stand upon.

 Political correctness, religion, and government. Not a pretty thing, nor advisable

The global warming cult and its deity Gaia are one of the multiculturalists favorite gods, or in this case goddess. It was she, Gaia, lavishly funded by the government. As was politically correct to do so. Now, however, Gaia, as America turns her lonely face from you Danu rejoices.

Gaia was said to have given birth to the human race. Thus, in the Myth of Ericthonius she draws him forth from her own bosom, and offers him up to Athene: he was the first inhabitant of Attica.

Gaia was venerated at the Oracle of Delphi, the supreme centre of divination in Greece; also at Patras, Aegea, Olympia and in the sanctuaries at Sparta and Athens.

Later, as other divinities rose in the estimation of men the role of Gaia gradually became less important.



Science cannot long remain unfettered in a social system which seeks to exercise control over the whole spiritual and intellectual life of a nation. The correctness of a scientific theory can never by adjudged by its readiness to give the answers desired by political leadership.

--Charles A. Leone, "Lysenko versus Mendel," Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science, 1952



Jailing and persecuting the unbelievers is a common trait among some religions in the infancy of their system of belief. As many followers are uncomfortable in their beliefs, and forcing the beliefs on others, reinforces and empowers their own weaker set of beliefs.  

Now there are further signs that a concerted campaign is under way. “Letter to President Obama: Investigate Deniers Under RICO” is the headline over a letter from 20 scientists, most at respected institutions, endorsing the Whitehouse idea and calling for the federal government to launch a probe under the racketeering (RICO) law. The letter was soon being widely promoted around the Web, even at BoingBoing, often regarded as a pro-free-speech outlet.

It is not clear that all the scientists who signed the letter have thought carefully about the tension between what they are asking and the continuing freedom to pursue lines of inquiry in public debate that the government may find unwelcome or unreasonable. “I have no idea how it affects the First Amendment,” says one Vermont scientist who backs the probe, quoted by Bruce Parker of Vermont Watchdog.

In a companion piece, Parker interviewed me about the constitutional implications of this extremely bad idea. (I should note that when I discuss RICO in the interview transcript, I’m referring to the civil-litigation side of the law, so-called civil RICO, which seems to be the part of the law the advocates hope to use.)

It is remarkable how many advocates of this scheme seem to imagine that the First Amendment protects only truthful speech and thus (they think) has no application here because climate skepticism is false.



Mr. Lovelock eventually became an apostate to his own faith. But it was too late, Gaia was reborn or rediscovered in the twentieth century.

A scientist and author, James Lovelock, who once predicted doomsdaylike fallout from climate change has backtracked, calling his own projections and those of others "alarmist." Even so, climate scientists stress Lovelock's backtracking doesn't negate the reality of climate change, and in fact, his past predictions highlight some overall misunderstanding about planetary warming.

Lovelock, who introduced the Gaia Hypothesis describing life on Earth as a vast self-regulating organism some 40 years ago, also stated that since 2000, warming had not happened as expected.

"The climate is doing its usual tricks. There's nothing much really happening yet. We were supposed to be halfway toward a frying world now," Lovelock told MSNBC.com in an interview.


 Kpr37 child of the goddess Danu (Tuatha De' Danann)

Diogenes, the dog, barking, nipping at the heels of humanity.