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Why Are The Left Outraged About Trump Doing Things They Cheered Obama For.

basil_hallwardAug 18, 2017, 1:51:05 PM

The irony of the US 'liberals' outrage over Donald Trump's use of executive orders to get his legislation through is delicious to a Brit, we are, according to many commentators in the USA, obsessed with irony so naturally when we see democrats, mainstream media figures and celebrity atention seekers screaming about Trump's undemocratic use of executive order the first think we think of is how the same people heaped praise on Obama when he paved the way for this despotic abuse of democracy by using executive orders to get his program through the two chambers of a congress paralyzed by partisanship and personal grudges. In

Dear Outraged Liberals: Trump’s Just Taking Over Where Obama Left Off

As an unprecedented wave of outrage swells against the Trump administration, Mnar Muhawesh, host of ‘Behind the Headline,’ wonders why people weren’t more outraged with Obama’s policies on mass surveillance, whistleblowers, and war.

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