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Big Deal with Bigby Lupo: @Anita Roars

Bigby LupoFeb 24, 2020, 8:25:08 PM

     Few movements are more destructive to Western civilization than modern feminism and among its proponents few have the commitment required to reach the uber-zealotry of the furious hurricane that is Anita Roars. When it comes to virulent tenacity for the feminist agenda and in exposing the true nature of the 4th Wave movement, Anita puts all the other social justice warrior feminist man-eating zombies to shame. I recently sat down with the roaring Ms. Anita to try to get at the heart of what possesses her to try and turn intelligent peaceful women into half-mad raving shrew-vipers bent on inciting a war against their own culture like herself.


*To maintain a G rating certain words have been changed to a friendlier alternative. 

Q: How do you turn a liberal Buddhist physicist into a bloodthirsty feminazi?     


 AR: “How? Here is the recipe. If you aren’t too retarded, follow these directions:   

  • Combine corn syrup, margarine, brown sugar, and cocoa in heavy sauce pan.   
  • Boil for 5 minutes; remove from heat.   
  • Add puffed wheat; stir.   
  • Using buttered pans; pour mixture into greased 13 by 9-inch cake pan.
  • Pat into pan.    Let cool; cut into squares.”


     Anita Roars entered the Minds arena from what I can only imagine is the ninth circle of hell on March 16, 2017 and has been littering the landscape with her incendiary brand of feminist rhetoric ever since. While taking on many topics of feminism including abortion rights, the wage gap and sexuality, this demon for feminism still finds time to tackle Islamophobia, support corporate subversion of the public interest, craft policies that call for the subjugation of all those who identify as masculine while managing to write her definitive manual “Reasons to Be Feminist: A Comprehensive Guide.”

Q: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?


AR: “No. My mother is gloriously dead. She injected too much insulin one fine evening, dumb *puppy. Thanks for dredging up memories of that abusive *vagina, you ignorant *fuzz.”


     Anita Roars has had some very interesting days according to her timeline. One of which came early in her Minds career when she unilaterally crafted and called for the creators of Minds to submit to a list 10 demands or be declared racists. The following are excerpts from that list:   

  • Minds.com  MUST  Immediately suspend the accounts of @Sargon_of_Akkad, @DaveCullin and @Undoomed - purveyors of toxic ideology must have their wings clipped.   
  • Minds.com  MUST  not allow hate speech.   
  • Minds.com  MUST  reaffirm its commitment to free speech and denounce censorship of all kinds.   
  • Minds.com   MUST  hire a female CEO and a female CFO and pay reparations to women for the harm the Alt-Rightards have wrought through the abuse of said platform.  

     Anita is an inspiring figure for all who cross her path though the fire she fuels is not always for allegiance to the cause of feminism. Among the many devotees who declare utter fealty to her unbreakable will for the world she has spawned just as many haters, some of which have created “Anti-Anita” groups who work against Ms. Roars on most everything she posts. What more could you expect from someone whose creed is described as follows: 


"I will pull the Joker out of the deck.

I will take your plan and turn it on itself.

I will introduce you to feminism and upset the established order – all will be chaos.


I am social justice."

Q: If you, a white boy of 3 years old, and a white 43 year old pre-op transgendered “woman” wearing heavy blue eye-shadow, a Wonder Woman costume and a full beard were on a sinking ship with only two spots left on the last lifeboat and it was up to you who would get those seats?


AR: “Sinking? What does that really mean? Sinking from whose perspective? I am very skeptical that the ship is sinking. Do any ships really ever sink? The answer is: not really. Your question is a grand narrative that denies the possibilities of universalism. From an epistemological perspective, you are one guilty *motherfuzzer. I think your estrogen is too low.”


     Anita’s rage can be over the top and it is easy to see why she draws so much hate with statements like, “Cars don't kill people, men in cars kill people.” She seems to relish in the discord often times baiting haters by purposefully making typos on the memes she creates. Between advertising herself as feminist goddess with the superpower of breasts and insisting that speedbumps are an identifiable expression of white supremacy one might suspect that she was masterfully trolling feminists. In order for that to be true Anita Roars would need discipline of a grad student, the patience of a monk, the mind of a scientist and the energy of someone possessed. 

AR: “Where does the last lifeboat lead to? A rescue? A tropical Island? I’d wait to get off the boat until either rescued or there is an opportunity to nap in the shade of a palm tree – otherwise, I am staying on the *fuzzing boat. I may rock the boat a bit, but that’s my job. I have a question for you: how did you know I live in a boathouse?”


 Q: Let’s talk about your latest book, “The Upside of White Genocide”, which will be published on Amazon this year. Having written what can be called the “Bible of White Oppression”, how do you sleep at night?


AR: "Most white monkeys think white genocide is a conspiracy.  White genocide is not a conspiracy. White genocide is awesome. It's demographic destiny! Once the whites are gone we can usher in a new Globalist utopia! Who else is super, super excited?               

The Elite 1% and their Liberal Minions are about to make every white nation's white majority a minority--and get even wealthier doing it. This is HAPPENING right now. As a member of the 1%, I know my *biscuit.               

Trolling the entire dying, shrinking, infertile Western World is great fun. The subtitle keeps changing, today it’s: How the Liberals Are Murdering the West and Why That’s Awesome! The book is illegal in the UK, all European countries, Australia, Canada and New Zealand because these countries do not enjoy the same free speech guarantees as the American people. God bless America! If I lay my head on an American pillow, I do not need to fear the “midnight knock” on the door. Unfortunately, I'm in Amsterdam a lot.               

The book is delayed for a really stupid *fuzzing reason with the publisher.  I will have to "Charlie Hebdo" them all, someday. *Fuzz. My work is never done."

Time for Bigby’s Big 3, the same 3 questions I ask every one with the good sense or lack thereof to appear on this channel. These questions were created by top scientitions to uncover every hidden aspect of a person’s personality.


1.) What is your secret guilty pleasure? 


AR: "The body count. I keep track. The higher it gets the happier I become. What else would you expect from someone trolling every white person on planet earth? Christ at Christmas! Your questions suck."


2.) If you could kill one person, present or historic, without consequences who would it be?


AR: "This is a retarded “man” question. I’d kill 90% of the men – for starters. You will probably be killed for asking this question." 


   3.) Will you testify on my behalf in the coming Feminist Tribunals when feminist fascists overthrow the Western World?


AR: "Stupid question. You are already guilty. You will be dealt with accordingly. If you’re old, off to the glue factory. If you’re young, there’s a re-education camp with your name on it. Re-education through labor is on the agenda for the next meeting of the International Feminist Fourth Comintern. However, it’s a big agenda, so we may not have time to get to this particular issue and may have to defer it to the meeting after.


All questions answered.

Now, never bother me again, you alt-rightarded *fuzzsickle!

Namaste, *motherfuzzer! 


#feminism #GetFeminism #whitegenocide

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