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Big Deal with Bigby Lupo: @MarlarHouse

Bigby LupoJan 30, 2020, 7:05:30 PM


       If you’re wondering who “that guy” is in “that thing” there is a great chance it is Darren Marlar. Darren has been working near non-stop for over 20 years in the entertainment industry in everything from writing and production, to headlining more than a few events in every kind of media from audio books and radio to the stage and silver screen. I tracked down the man with the booming voice in between what seemed like a never-ending circle of work to produce great content daily.


Q: According to rumors I've started, the only way you can accomplish everything you do is if you were a robot or some type of artificial intelligence. Can you speak to that and what are your demands of humanity? 


DM: “In order to answer this question to its fullest extent I would have to admit my association with the Illuminati. As the first rule of the Illuminati is to not talk about the Illuminati, I can neither confirm nor deny your theory. That being said, I am exhausted on a constant basis because of my busy schedule. Fortunately, I love what I do so while it may drain the batteries, I’m stepping back into my charging pod each night with a feeling of satisfaction in my transistors and a smile on my face. Humanity is fortunate in that my desire now is to simply entertain people in a fun and unique way using the talents God gave to me. I have no demands of humanity at this time other than try and be a bit more human – it has been failing at that as of late.”


     Darren Marlar is a consummate entertainer and always has been since growing up in Olathe, KS before later moving to Illinois where he can be found running his syndicated morning radio show for WYLL-AM. Before he begins each day he not only does his own show prep, but takes 4 hours to do the show prep for many other radio stations as the owner, content provider and comedy writer for ONAIRprep/MarlarHouse. He has written bits and one-liners for over 1000 other personalities. After covering the morning drive-time he then works to produce two different YouTube series “Daily Dose of Weird News” and “Weird Darkness” while contributing to The Christian Pulse as a columnist and operating at least  7 social media accounts along with running his own site, marlarhouse.com. He does all this free of charge and without any obtrusive advertisements.


Q: You offer many of your channels and services for free without ad revenue. Is this because you have no idea of how business works?


DM: “You might have a point there. I do often find myself at the end of the month in the red and all I can remember buying is a Big Gulp and a hotdog from 7-Eleven. Money isn’t one of my strong suits. But I also understand people. Being in radio since 1990 I know people aren’t going to pay for something if they can get it for free – and I’m not offering anything on my YouTube channels that they can’t get somewhere else for free if they look hard enough. I would never expect someone to pay to watch some guy make stupid jokes about current events or tell ghost stories that they could read themselves online or on a Kindle. As for ad revenue, that will come with time. For now I’m building up the fan base. I need to make my channel attractive enough to advertisers that they’ll want to reach out to my fans with their product/service. But I also don’t want to “whore out” my channel to just anything. I have my “Daily Dose of Weird News” and “Weird Darkness” that wouldn’t be appropriate for just any product/service. I can’t see female hygiene being a big seller on a paranormal show (although it is terrifying to the male species), and I don’t see any easy way of inserting a sponsor/advertiser into “Daily Dose of Weird News” or “Weird Darkness” without significantly slowing down the momentum within the episode. I can see my syndicated radio show (I post the podcast on my YouTube channel) with advertisers/sponsors, but it’s too new to think about that right now.


     Mr. Marlar is no fool when it comes to his craft and is very savvy when it comes to the entertainment industry. You name it he has done it. From producing the television series “The Miskatonic Files” and having supporting roles in television and movies as The Doctor in the TV series “M3ntal State” and in the films “Detect Evil” (2016) as Metatron and “Kathryn Upside Down” released just this year. He even played himself in The Ax Man Enigma, a 2013 documentary about the Villisca ax murders after having portrayed Special Agent Walter Byrne in the feature "Slay Utterly" (2013) a movie based on the murders. His talent has afforded him “Best Actor” nominations from the Prairie State Film Festival so it would be no surprise that he would be led to create his own television series that would attract star power. In the television series “A Rock and a Hard Place” Stephen Baldwin’s character, Darren Keaton, is left as an inheritance the “Hard Knocks” bar located directly across the street from the “Solid Rock Church” where he leads the congregation as their pastor. 


Q: I have always thought of Stephen Baldwin as the Emilio Estevez of the Baldwin brothers, meaning the sane one. What was it like working with Stephen and is my non-sequitur accurate?

DM: An amazingly nice guy, anxious to help and full of creative ideas. It was fun to walk around Chicago with a Baldwin brother, I have to say. Unfortunately, the project I had brought him in for didn’t pan out for him and he stepped away from it (no hard feelings), but I still respect him and hope to work with him someday.


     Darren is no quitter and doesn’t let much get in the way of his pursuits for happiness. From my experience he seems very much the guy who chooses to be supportive over burdening others with his own problems. In an interview he did for HisAir.net, Mr. Marlar gives us a rare look into the struggles he faces.

“…I'd be lying if I said I didn't have my down days. Being in business for myself means I have no one to blame but myself if the money is tight this month. And if someone is late with a payment, it gets real easy to start biting nails.  Steel nails.  My fingernails are long gone."


     His nails are gone but his will is still strong continuing to produce new free content daily while making ends meet by doing voice over work, reading for books on tape, and whatever we as viewers are generous enough to support him with  by purchasing merchandise from his website. Where he really shined was when he headlined at the corporate events that would book him as a stand-up comedian when he was still doing gigs. He has a great way of being funny and insightful without having to resort to being offensive. Never afraid to poke fun at his own inadequacies, Darren is able to set his audiences at ease while being entertaining and engaging.


Q: You have done the voice work for many great books on tape. Does it trouble you that you are encouraging illiteracy in lazy morons who don't want to learn how to read?

DM: “So long as they are literate enough to enter their credit card numbers and click “buy now” I couldn’t care less. I don’t have kids so I don’t have to worry about the next generation and how it will survive. That being said (blatant self-plug!) please visit the audiobooks page of DarrenMarlar.com and buy a few audiobooks. I’ve got horror, sci-fi, history, drama, self-help, a children’s book, and more.”



      Darren Marlar represents much of what is missing and sorely needed in the entertainment industry: smart entertainment based on universal appeal. There is far too much vulgarity and dishonest motives in Hollywood where it near impossible to escape foul-language, blue-humor, or risk having some social/political agenda shoved down your throat. Whether continuing to entertain us here on Minds or on his radio spot “Creation Moments Minute“ heard on stations all around the world, we will never have to worry about Darren Marlar ever taking life too seriously. What should we expect from someone whose radio influence was Dr. Johnny Fever and who is shamelessly addicted to pyromania; the mobile game not the arson? Of course, it could all be a cover for a vast alien conspiracy.


Q: What is your response to accusations that you are a reptilian from the planet Sirius bent on deceiving the world into accepting reptile rule?

DM: “Holy crap – did you make that page four years ago specifically for this interview?!?!?! I had no idea that page existed. I guess I should be flattered that my career has brought me enough fame that conspiracy theories are now being created about me. Obviously this is complete balderdash, as the Illuminati wouldn’t allow non-humans to… umm… uh… never mind. I’ve said too much.”




Time for Bigby’s Big 3, the same 3 questions I ask every one with the good sense or lack thereof to appear on this channel. These questions were created by top scientitions to uncover every hidden aspect of a person’s personality.


1.) What is your secret guilty pleasure?

DM: “Well, it wouldn’t be a secret if I told you now, would it? I have stuff that makes me feel guilty but isn’t pleasurable – and I have stuff that is pleasurable that I don’t feel guilty about, so I’m not sure I’d be able to answer this question even if it wasn’t a secret.”


2.) If you could kill one person, present or historic, without consequences who would it be?

DM: “I probably have over-thought this, but I’m very much one who believes changing anything in the past, however minuscule, could have dramatic repercussions on today’s world. I would not want to risk losing what I have (a beautiful and loving wife, nice home, a career I love, etc.) just to end the existence of someone in the past. Wait. Ryan Seacrest.”


3.) Will any humans be spared in the coming robot/reptile apocalypse and how can I make the list?

DM: “ui afoaijklj aliagjioiurek 8o8ur4; majjyid fipuaodmf; a 9ehae riao sadikhaflja. And that’s all I’m willing to say without risking someone from the past, present, or future killing me without consequences because it’s one of their secret guilty pleasures.”


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