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Here is an Update on The Fight Against Heart Progress, and A Message for All.

Unquiet ContentionJul 30, 2017, 2:39:03 PM

Update: I just keep getting dragged into this, so here is a little update.Many people on this site are advocates for absolute freedom of speech. That is to say, they are advocates for the preservation of all speech, especially if it goes against the law, terms of service, etc.


I have made a section of one of my posts prior to this one about that topic alone but let me restate this one final time: Freedom of speech is limited by the terms of service/use on this site and your existence on this site isn't a set thing, you can be removed at any time for any reason.


Many of the people we were dealing with have returned for a second, third, fourth, etc. time. This return in itself is against the TOS. You can not return to a site that your account is banned from, that is to say if you are found to have returned, your account is likely to be removed for that reason alone.


Additionally, if you post material, you will be banned again. These people assume we are just silently reporting/harassing, depending who you ask, and are trying to just silence these people because 'different opinion' and are doing nothing other than that.


Aside from the reasons I have already stated, that the content these people are sharing is pro-paedophilia and against the TOS, we are not simply doing that. We are compiling a database of, interacting with, sharing information on and are ultimately doing everything in our power to take these people down, report repeat offenders, etc.


In short, we are getting rid of these people for one very clear reason: they are in violation of the TOS, which in themselves are beholden to the law, not morals and false senses of ones 'right' to use this site. No one has a right to use anything that isn't theirs.


And a word to others on this site attempting to use their own tactics against them: Do so at the risk of everything we do. I do not condone death threats, rape threats, threats of violence, etc. against anyone. We have the law on our side (No this isn't something that can be contested any more) we have the TOS on our side, and we have morality on our side.


If you aren't careful, you will be removed from the site too, as it does have a harassment clause. Withhold all emotional reactions from this discussion, they will not benefit it, they only harm this. That said, appealing to morality is fine in my view.


Again, I will be going into 'quiet mode' for a while. My resources are available on my page and other useful sources are available at anti-heart progress and concerned minds. Trolls beware, you can be removed and blocked from groups on this site.


Thanks for reading.